Revolutionizing Industrial Logistics: Youibot Unbeatable Mobile Robot at HANNOVER MESSE 2023

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From April 17th to 21st, the world-renowned industrial technology exhibition, HANNOVER MESSE 2023, was held grandly in Hanover, Germany. Youibot showcased cutting-edge mobile robot technology.

Unbeatable Performance, Incredible Flexibility

At this exhibition, Youibot and Eurobots jointly exhibited composite mobile robots and L300 lifting mobile robots. The composite mobile robot, integrated independently by Eurobots, demonstrated its excellent integrability on the special chassis P200, which was specifically designed for the composite mobile robot.


L300 Lifting Mobile Robot

The L300 is a lifting AMR robot that assists in improving material handling efficiency in the manufacturing industry. Its agile body is equipped with a 30Ah high-capacity battery, which can operate continuously for 8 hours. By utilizing flexible scheduling to achieve uninterrupted production execution, the L300 increases production capacity and helps companies achieve industrial 4.0 processes.

Mobile Manipulator

The composite mobile robot meets the material handling and operation needs in multiple scenarios, thereby bridging the "last mile" of industrial logistics. The special chassis P200 for the composite mobile robot has the advantages of the best structure, comprehensive interface, agile deployment, and efficient integration, which meets the demands of composite operation machines in multiple scenarios and helps bridge the "last mile" of industrial logistics.

Through deep cooperation with local European agents, Youibot can accurately grasp the local market demand and trends, providing better services to European customers and empowering international intelligent logistics construction with excellent products and services.

Professional Services

Youibot Robotics leads the global industrial logistics intelligent upgrade with its outstanding product performance and professional service system. Based on the 4 Options open integration scheme tailored for overseas partners, Youibot meets the increasingly urgent needs of intelligent manufacturing logistics transformation, and provides excellent services.


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