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With the rapid expansion of production capacity in the lithium battery industry, the production line has put forward higher requirements for logistics regarding handling volume, timeliness and real-time data. There are many existing problems with traditional manual handling, such as, insecurity, low utilization rate and data black box.

In the process of lithium battery production, Youibot integrated solution, which combines mobile robots and software, will complete the data of the whole plant, effectively solve the problems of low stability and data black box caused by manual handling, and realize stable, continuous and efficient lithium battery production.

Industry pain points

Labor-intensive manual handling and difficult labor recruitment 

• The pre-process coil material weighs up to 1000kg, involving various types of positive electrode materials, negative electrode materials, diaphragms, electrolytes, etc. It is difficult for manual hauling and labor-intensive manual handling.

•Under production anxiety, the factory produces 7*24H, and the workers work in two shifts, and the working time is as long as 12H. The material of the board is large, and the loading and unloading docking needs to be completed by multiple workers, which finally leads to difficult labor recruitment. 

Dust pollution affects yield rate and loss of raw materials due to human error

•The battery cell process has high requirements in the production environment. Factors such as dust, temperature, and humidity will affect the consistency of the product. Most of the production is dust-free and dry workshops. The entry and exit of personnel can easily cause pollution, and the multi-step circulation and manual contact affect the quality control.

• The lamination and winding process has high alignment accuracy, and the toner on the ground is easy to slip, and the inaccurate manual operation leads to high scrap; the manual operation is uncontrollable, the consistency is low, and the manual handling of wrong materials leads to waste of raw materials.

The insufficient connection between the front and back processes affects the production and wastes production capacity

• There are many cached materials between each process, no real-time inventory data synchronization ERP, and slow information synchronization in manual inventory.

• The locations of line-side cache racks are scattered, lack of flexible scheduling, and the order response time of the entire workshop is not high. The lag of informatization leads to low material flow and high material inventory occupancy rate, which affects production.

The value of AMR

 Youibot integrated solution

Solve the labor problem

Solve the problem of labor difficulties under the increase of production capacity

Avoid material waste and improve yield rate

No pollution, ensure the quality of raw materials, improve the yield rate

Stable and safe handling, reducing raw material waste

Break through data silos

Efficient coordination, increase the utilization rate of the production line, increase production capacity

Flexible scheduling reduces inventory levels and costs

Youibot solution

Youibot solution

The mobile robot matrix opens up the material flow of lithium battery production

Youibot mobile robot matrix for the lithium battery industry covers the whole process, completes the automatic operation of the full-cycle logistics of production, and realizes the improvement of the production efficiency of lithium batteries.

The combination of software and hardware realizes the closed-loop of data

From the single robot system Youipilot to the multi-machine scheduling system YouiFleet, and to the on-site logistics management and control system YOUI TMS, aiming at the problem of logistics data fragmentation in the whole process of lithium battery material flow, YOUI TMS intelligent logistics management and control platform conducts effective collection, analysis and processing, and realizes the refined closed-loop management of the whole process of material production and logistics. At the same time, it can integrate third-party systems such as ERP, MES, and WMS, and cooperates to provide all-around intelligent logistics services and operational control for lithium battery production enterprises. 

Value enhancement

A domestic lithium battery head enterprise G has a complete ecological chain in the lithium battery industry. Youibot applies 24 multi-model mobile robots to work together to realize the full-process transformation of logistics automation for this company, from coating to cutting and stacking in the positive and negative workshops of a production center.

24 robots perform 2,267 tasks a day, with a daily operating mileage of 172,526m and 1,774 times of material handling.

  • Save labor cost ROI<1.5 years
  • Inventory turnover increased, and water level decreased by 2%
  • Taking the annual output of 910 million as an example, the production capacity will increase by 1%

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