Youibot × Smart Factory and Automation World Exhibition (SFAW): We have received high praise from our partners.

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Recently, the Smart Factory and Automation World Exhibition (SFAW) was held at the Coex International Convention Center in Seoul, South Korea. Youibot teamed up with South Korean partner Telstar Hommel to showcase smart logistics solutions.

At the exhibition, Youibot and Telstar Hommel jointly exhibited mobile robot products, Lifting Series L300 and L1000, which attracted widespread attention from industry insiders. Telstar Hommel, the co-exhibitor, has successfully integrated the L-series robots into their independently developed operating system, achieving localized deployment. Youibot's L-series robots, known for their agility in deployment and ease of integration, have received high recognition from their partner.

Based on Telstar Hommel's deep understanding of local demand, the showcased solutions fully meet market needs and trends, and have established connections with well-known companies such as HITACHI, Samsung, Hyundai, DOOSAN, SCHEFFLER, SK, LG CNS, Dreamtech, etc.

As a leading provider of industrial mobile robots and solutions, Youibot deeply integrates its rich and scalable experience in the semiconductor, lithium battery, and other industries, as well as its local partner's efficient integration capability and long-term customer service experience. Based on the 4 Options integration solution system that is deeply open to overseas partners, Youibot continues to serve partners at home and abroad with excellent products, leading the international development of mobile robots and promoting global smart logistics transformation.


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