Technology epidemic prevention robot stationed in the Third People's Hospital of Hubei Province
December 23,2021

March 17, Hubei Province Third People's Hospital infection high-risk areas stationed in epidemic prevention robots, science and technology to help epidemic prevention upgrade.

New coronavirus epidemic, the emergency and fever clinic of the Third People's Hospital of Hubei Province received more than 100 patients every day. Medical staff performed their duties and fought hard on the front line of epidemic prevention. There are many people in and out of the hospital, and the early identification of fever personnel and the elimination of the virus in the quarantine area have become the focus of the hospital's epidemic prevention work.

Outpatient Hall of Hubei Third People's Hospital

The infection isolation area of the Third People's Hospital of Hubei Province officially ushered in the high-tech tool of epidemic prevention work-dynamic body temperature monitoring and anti-virus mobile robot ARIS-K2. This robot was developed and donated by Shenzhen Youibot Robot Technology Co., Ltd. and delivered on-site by Wuhan Hongjincheng Health Management Technology Co., Ltd. The top of the ARIS-K2 robot is equipped with a high-definition visible light camera and an infrared temperature measuring camera, which can identify passing personnel and accurately measure body temperature. Below the camera is a surrounding distribution of 6 MA-certified ultraviolet killing lamps, which can provide 270 μW/cm² of ultraviolet light, effectively killing more than 99.9% of viruses and bacteria within a radius of 6 meters within 10 minutes. At the bottom of the robot is an autonomous cruise car, which can move accurately in a designated area automatically or remotely controlled by a doctor, and flexibly avoid obstacles.

During the day, the ARIS-K2 cooperates with medical staff on full-automatic cruise duty at the main entrances and exits of the hospital. Once abnormal body temperature is found, the doctor will be prompted to further observe and diagnose the first time. While efficiently and accurately measuring the body temperature of the population, the risk of virus transmission in the hospital is reduced. At night, according to the planned route, it will automatically implement comprehensive ultraviolet elimination in hospital outpatient, emergency and infection isolation areas, so as to ensure the safety and cleanliness of the working environment of medical staff under the premise of avoiding personnel contact, and effectively avoiding the spread of the virus.

Youibot's fully automated operations effectively avoid contact between a large number of people and the virus, and effectively implement strong anti-virus work, providing a safe and efficient guarantee for the overall epidemic prevention and control work.

The prevention and control of the new coronavirus epidemic cannot be separated from the hard work of medical staff everywhere. While we pay tribute to the medical staff, we also expect that more and more scientific and technological achievements like ARIS-K2 will be invested in the prevention and control of the epidemic and become a line of defense to protect people's healthy life.

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