The heart has not changed to step on the waves.

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four years ago


several high-spirited young students


with enthusiasm for robots and entrepreneurial ideals


starts from Xi 'an all the way to the south.


has embarked on a meaningful journey of life.




At that time, China's industrial transformation was surging.


mobile robots empowering everything has come.


Shenzhen, an innovative and open city


carries several simple and real goals:


do every project well with heart.


Helps Intelligent Upgrade of Industry



entrepreneurship is full of challenges.


have also had hesitation and confusion


but my heart's persistence has never wavered.


Each iteration of the algorithm system



polishing of each robot product



countless long nights fighting side by side


have all become sparkling medals.





have been cutting through all the difficulties along the way.


from industry dark horse to market leader


from YOUIBOT's voice became louder and louder.


four years


we have walked through the recognition and support of customers


walked through major exhibition forums and endless honors.




has created one good result after another.


to all friends who support and trust


delivered satisfactory answers





and in the four years of time


At first, several young people with ideals


also has more and more partners around us.





stands on the top of the times's

inner beliefs are becoming more and more certain.


is not afraid to step on the waves.


we will join hands


continues to write a beautiful chapter in the next stage of Youibot


Witness Great Changes in Mobile Enabling Society



explore the world where you, me and robots live in harmony.




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