The robot company received by the French prime minister, is from Shaanxi!
December 23,2021

Introduction: Warmly welcome Youibot to join Intel Hard Egg Robot Innovation Ecology. It focuses on autonomous mobile robots and will join hands with robot ecology to focus on technology and application innovation, accelerated market and brand promotion, and exploration of professional operation methods to jointly promote.

Source: Intel Hard Egg Robot Innovation Ecology

Introduction: Warmly welcome Youibot to join Intel Hard Egg Robot Innovation Ecology. It focuses on autonomous mobile robots and will join hands with robot ecology to focus on technology and application innovation, accelerated market and brand promotion, and exploration of professional operation methods to jointly promote the continuous innovation and development of China's robot industry.


Xi 'an Youibot Robotics Technology Co., Ltd. is an excellent robot enterprise from Shaanxi. They focus on the research and development of independent mobile robots and provide professional independent mobile inspection robots-ARIS independently developed robot mobile platforms and solutions. We have already received investment in Xijiao 1896 Capital, Silicon Valley Plug and Play and HAX Million Seed Wheel, a hardware accelerator. According to its partner Zheng Hao, the future business model considered by Youibot is "Robot as a Service". They think it is an ideal way to provide partners with perfect robots and related services and charge service fees.

Youibot team has a research and development team led by Professor Mei Xuesong, a distinguished professor of Yangtze River scholars, an expert in the field of robotics, and an advanced manufacturing expert in the National 13th five-year Plan, with more than 20 R & D personnel. Graduated from Xi'an Jiaotong University, Southeast University, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Boston University, Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology and other well-known universities at home and abroad.


Youibot team has created the first in many industries and the first in the world. Inspection Robot ARIS-V for Commercial Vehicles, the world's first inspection and quarantine robot ARIS-C, is highly recognized by users at home and abroad, including Michelin Group, Goodyear Group, Sumitomo Corporation of Japan, Shenzhen Customs, German League Intelligence, etc.


Product Application Case 1:

Intelligent Maintenance Vehicle Inspection Robot

Youibot 's vehicle inspection robot for the intelligent vehicle maintenance scene was developed and started in early August 17, and the first generation prototype came out in early December. Public transport vehicles are rapidly developing towards new energy sources. The use and development of new energy vehicles are gradually becoming the mainstream trend, triggering centralized parking and maintenance of public transport vehicles, bringing a strong demand for digital informatization and unmanned maintenance.


Vehicle Inspection Robot

At present, tire inspection in the public transportation industry is done manually, with low inspection frequency and backward management methods. Mobile robot inspection of bus tire inspection can improve the frequency of inspection and realize the digital management of fleet assets, thus improving the management efficiency of the fleet and reducing the accuracy of maintenance of finished products.


Robot ARIS for Detecting Bus Tires

The current mobile robot for bus tire inspection can realize high-frequency night inspection, autonomous positioning, and navigation at the station, identify vehicles, and inspect and report problematic vehicles; it can perfectly adapt to the inspection through the 6-degree-of-freedom cooperative robot arm and free telescopic module Requirements; Based on intelligent detection algorithm and eddy current induction, software and hardware are matched to realize accurate tire metal foreign body detection.

In addition, the inspection mobile robot can capture the entire crown image with a camera array, and the intelligent monitoring system can generate a monitoring report with one key to realize intelligent image analysis and obtain the optimal monitoring data.


Product Application Case 2:

YOUIBOT Customs Inspection and Quarantine Robot

Another inspection and quarantine machine for Shenzhen Customs, the product research and development started in early March 18 and was delivered and released in early April. YOUIBOT Inspection and Quarantine Robotresponsibility are to be responsible for customs clearance, inspection, and quarantine of inflammable, explosive, toxic, and harmful chemicals.



This robot reduces the direct contact between quarantine personnel and hazardous chemicals through a real-time remote control and detection system. It carries a variety of special sensors for inspection and quarantine, using gas composition analysis, infrared heat source detection, high-definition video detection, and other means to expand the scope of the inspection. In addition to routine identification testing, hidden dangers such as packaging damage, chemical leakage, spontaneous combustion, and internal abnormalities can also be found, and relevant personnel can be automatically notified to evacuate and start emergency plans.


YOUIBOT Inspection and Quarantine Robot

The robot is currently being tested and used at Shenzhen Wenjindu Wharf. It is estimated that in 19 years, Shenzhen Customs will deploy YOUIBOT inspection and quarantine robots at 13 ports in the city. The inspection and quarantine robot market has huge growth potential.

Product Application Case 3:

KITT-3 mobile robot





Youibot Robot has completed the research and development and small batch production of the first generation KITT-3. All aspects of index tests meet the design requirements and begin to ship.



Written at the end.

On June 23 this year, on the first visit to China since French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe Edward Philippe took office as prime minister, Youibot Robot, as a representative of Chinese scientific and technological enterprises, was invited by the French Consulate in Guangzhou to present with ARIS robots.7706635

Youibot Robot, took the stage on behalf of the team to introduce the Youibot team and the robots developed to the French delegation and nearly 100 guests on the spot. This also marks the growth of Youibot, gradually moving towards the ranks of excellent enterprises in the field of robotics, and working with industry partners to forge ahead.




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