Things You Need To Know Before Selecting the Right AMRs

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An intelligent mobile robot is a comprehensive system that integrates multiple functions such as environmental perception, dynamic decision-making and planning, behavior control and execution. It concentrates the multi-disciplinary research results of sensor technology, information processing, electronic engineering, computer engineering, automation control engineering and artificial intelligence, representing the highest achievement of mechatronics, and is one of the most active fields of scientific and technological development at present.

Mobile robots have been widely used in many fields. However, it’s important to carefully choose the right AMR. This post will explore things you need to know before choosing an autonomous mobile robot for your facility.

It is better to start with a fleet of AMRs

It appears that the safer investment option is to bring in a robot or two and gradually expand the fleet. This is an option that may lead to good results in the long run. However, if you want a dramatic change in quality, you should choose the opposite strategy. This means bringing in as many robots as you need.

Payload capacity

Payload capacity is one of the most critical considerations when you’re selecting an AMR. Some robots have sturdier frames that are excellent for carrying bulky items and pallet-sized loads. There are other AMRs that are optimized for lighter loads. You must determine the range of items you need to transport, and then select the robot with the appropriate payload capability to address these needs.

Type of navigation system

Depending on the environment the AMR will be operating in e.g., wet, cold, interaction with a human operator, the type of navigation system implemented will differ accordingly.

Easy installation and customization

You must choose mobile robots with simple mapping software and an easy-to-use interface for installation and integration to get the most value out of an AMR fleet’s ability to dynamically avoid obstacles. These capabilities will allow the system to adapt as quickly as possible to changing requirements. The AMR must be easily customizable so that the manufacturer or system integrator can adapt it to specific needs.

Artificial intelligence can’t replace invention or working organization

AMRs are truly autonomous machines. The robots themselves and the management system both make use of elements of artificial intelligence. AMRs can help human beings to do a lot of things. But it doesn’t change the fact that the end result depends on the creativity of the creator.

A robot is tireless, precise, and always ready for action. However, it will not do anything beyond what the system designer has taught it. AMRs have great potential but cannot create a system on their own. Planning and design are our jobs as humans.

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