What Are The Benefits Of Autonomous Mobile Robots?

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Manufacturing is evolving, and autonomous robots have arrived on the assembly line. But is this really a good thing? Is this something we should be moving toward? The short answer is yes. Here are some benefits of having autonomous mobile robots as part of your team.

Highly autonomous

One of the biggest advantages of an AMR is its autonomy, meaning that it can scan an area for obstacles on its own. This also applies to environments that might change over time by e.g a group of people coming into the warehouse, posing as obstacles for the robot. For example, instead of a whole path, the robot is given the starting point and the final point, creating its own path instead, while scanning and avoiding whatever gets in its way.

In addition, a map can be uploaded to the robot beforehand, saving time and making the process safer. With such a map, the robot can more easily detect obstacles, i.e. things not in the map, which brings flexibility and more up-time.

More accurate operations 

Errors can have several explanations, however, avoiding them is becoming increasingly important as people have higher demands for faster and accurate services. By deploying AMRs, you can avoid errors associated with manual operations like stress brought on during peak, new staff and so on.

Increased safety

Autonomous mobile robots have a ton of onboard sensors and cameras. These allow the robots to take in, interpret, and understand their environment. And this allows the robots to travel through the facility or warehouse without running into things like people, products, or infrastructure.

Equipments run by human engineers, such as forklifts, don't have as many built-in safety mechanisms. They ultimately rely on human input. Human operators always have the potential of becoming distracted or tired, leading to error or accidents. Robots, on the other hand, never become distracted or tired. They're always on the top of their game which drastically improves the overall safety of your facility.

Easy to integrate

Autonomous mobile robots are surprisingly easy to integrate into any facility. All you need to really provide for the autonomous robot is a map of the facility. This is how the robot is able to move around the facility and complete the jobs you've assigned to it.

This ability to integrate the robots easily means you don't need to set up dedicated paths, install anything on the floor, or restrict humans and forklifts from operating in areas where robots are being used.

Once the robots have a map of your warehouse, which can be done in a day or two by a single person, they can use their sensors and onboard cameras to do the rest.

Robots are constantly improving

There is research going on all the time to improve robotics software and hardware. This means your robots are constantly improving the way they do their jobs.

And the more they improve their jobs, the more your workplace productivity improves.

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