What Are the Roles of Industrial Robots

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Industrial robots are a type of robots most commonly found in industries which involve a whole lot of heavy duties such as warehouses, manufacturing companies and so on.

Robots can handle a lot of operations and are not limited to the skill or time factor as humans are but can perform any type of functions as they are programmed to and will do it in little time.

They have the capacity to carry out multiple functions at once, thereby saving time and increasing productivity.

Types of Youibot mobile robots:

Youibot has various types of AMRs which perform various functions, and they include:

  • Operation series robot
  • Lifting series robot
  • Automatic trolley series robot
  • Platform series robot

Operation series robot

O series FOUP handling robot which allows mobile operation is specially designed for semiconductor workshops. It provides a one-stop solution designed to improve manufacturing accuracy and consistency during wafer transport and handling between process steps and equipment.

Hybrid positioning based on laser SLAM, the robot has achieved an indoor positioning accuracy of ±5mm, which allows the AMR to navigate itself safely and dynamically in clean room production environment.

The robot is equipped with a 6-axis cobot with a gripping precision of ±1mm. With the integrated lifting mechanism, the grip range spans from 300 mm to 2300 mm, the OW series has great flexibility to manoeuvre and handle carriers in confined spaces and from shelves at different heights. The state-of-the-art AMR offers a highest payload in the industry, ready for any transport tasks as production expands and improve to meet the rising demand in the post pandemic era. Carries as many as 8 FOUPs/SMIF Pods, the OW series offers an effective solution to resolve manufacturing inconsistencies and errors during transport and handling of silicon wafer.

Lifting series robot

L series automatic mobile robot, carrying maximum payloads from 300 kg -1000kg. The AMR is equipped with a top module that elevates at a maximum height of 60mm and rotates in 360 degrees to realize the automatic transfer of heavy loads and pallets between line-side stations or from warehouses to workshops.

The YOUI-FLEET management system allows a fleet collaboration of up to

1,000 AMRs under the same system, enabling a real ‘light-out’ operation.

Automatic trolley series robot

AT series autonomous mobile robot is an intelligent picking solution for goods handling, sorting, and picking, etc., which optimizes workflows and improves productivity while reducing picking error and personnel working time. The excellent navigation technology makes robot automatically moving around and achieves indoor repeat positioning accuracy of ±10mm.

Platform series robot

P series is a versatile solution designed to handle complicated material handling tasks in the manufacturing facilities. It is built with general-purpose I/O interfaces for top module and cobot integration, and a much bigger battery to support a full day of operation for both AMR and top modules. P200 supports over 10 different kinds of top modules and cobots to tackle any material transport tasks in warehouses, cleanrooms and production lines.

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