What Is A Mobile Robot And What Are The Classifications?
April 22,2022

A mobile robot is an intelligent machine that can perform tasks and operate in an environment independently, without human control or intervention.

Nowadays, mobile robotics is one of the fastest expanding fields of scientific research. Due to their abilities, mobile robots can free up human hands in many industries, allowing people to do more valuable work. Applications include surveillance, planetary exploration, patrolling, emergency rescue operations, reconnaissance, petrochemical applications, industrial automation, construction, entertainment, museum guides, personal services, intervention in extreme environments, transportation, medical care, and so on, as well as many other industrial applications. Most of these are already available on the market.

What is a mobile robot?

A mobile robot is an intelligent machine that can perform tasks and operate in an environment independently, without human control or intervention. This level of autonomy gives the workforce the ability to delegate dull, dangerous, or dirty tasks to the robots so they can spend more time doing the interesting, engaging, and valuable parts of their job for which they are uniquely qualified.

Classification of mobile robots

  • According to the way of movement, it can be divided into: wheeled mobile robots, walking mobile robots (single-leg, double-leg and multi-leg), crawler mobile robots, crawling robots, creeping robots and swimming robots and other types.
  • According to the working environment, it can be divided into: indoor mobile robots and outdoor mobile robots.
  • According to the control system structure, it can be divided into: functional (horizontal) structural robot, behavioral (vertical) structural robot and hybrid robot.
  • According to the functions and uses, it can be divided into: medical robots, military robots, disabled robots, cleaning robots, etc.

An intelligent mobile robot is a comprehensive system that integrates multiple functions such as environmental perception, dynamic decision-making and planning, behavior control and execution. It focuses on multi-disciplinary research results such as sensor technology, information processing, electronic engineering, computer engineering, automation control engineering and artificial intelligence. It represents the highest achievement of mechatronics and is one of the most active fields of scientific and technological development at present.

With the continuous improvement of robot performance, the application range of mobile robots has been greatly expanded, not only in industry, agriculture, medical care, service and other industries, but also in harmful and dangerous occasions such as urban security, national defense and space exploration.Therefore, mobile robot technology has received widespread attention from countries all over the world.

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