Youibot 5G Intelligent Epidemic Prevention Robot Selected as Excellent Case of Artificial Intelligence Innovation Application in 2020

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The 2020 APEC SME Business Forum International Forum on Artificial Intelligence Innovation and Application Development was successfully held in Shenzhen. With the theme of "gaining new momentum of AI technology and deepening the application of new scenarios in the industry", the forum brought together more than 200 experts, scholars and representatives from the political, academic, industrial, investment and media circles.


In the meeting, the China SME Development Promotion Center and the China SME International Cooperation Association jointly released a research report on "The Impact of Artificial Intelligence Innovation Applications on the Development of SMEs. 5G intelligent epidemic prevention robot developed by Shenzhen Youibot Robotics Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully selected as "Excellent Case of Artificial Intelligence Innovation Application in 2020".



5G intelligent epidemic prevention robot


In the face of the severe epidemic prevention and control situation in early 2020, Youibot quickly responded and developed and launched the first 5G intelligent epidemic prevention robot in China, effectively detecting the source of virus infection, blocking the virus transmission channels, and helping to prevent and control the epidemic in public places.



This robot adopts a "white and black" working mode based on the autonomous mobile operation. It performs infrared temperature monitoring and screening on mobile people during the day, and repeatedly disinfects public areas through 6 omnidirectional medical ultraviolet disinfection lamps at night, reaching every 10 minutes. The killing rate of 100 square meters and the killing effect of over 99%.


The robot realizes the real-time return and visual analysis of monitoring data through the 5G network and operates continuously 24 hours a day in large enclosed public places such as airports, shopping malls, and schools to avoid the risk of personnel contact.


Youibot 5G intelligent epidemic prevention robot not only in Hubei Province Third People's Hospital, Hefei Xinqiao Airport, and many other domestic places with the "white angels" to fight the first line of the epidemic, but also has participated in Japan, Italy, Germany and other more than 30 countries of the epidemic prevention and control work, through scientific and technological innovation to highlight China's corporate social responsibility.


Youibot has always adhered to the development concept of "scientific and technological innovation giving back to the society", promoted the upgrading of the industry with technology-driven development, actively practiced corporate responsibility, and created value for the society and the public.


Just like the company's vision, in the era of rapid development of intelligence, Youibot will build a world in which people and robots coexist harmoniously.



into the world where you, me and robots live in harmony.


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