Youibot and China Unicom Launched 5G Edge Cloud Intelligent Killing Robot

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In February 2021, all standard integrated products of Youibot have passed the certification of China Unicom 5G + MEC laboratory. Among them, intelligent epidemic prevention robots have entered China Unicom's smart medical solutions, and other robots have successively entered China Unicom's 5G industrial Internet, 5G smart city, and other solutions.


At present, in the face of the severe situation of the new crown epidemic in the international community and the risk of the epidemic in many parts of the country, the prevention and control of the epidemic still face great challenges. Since 2020, Youibot intelligent killing robot in more than 30 countries around the world helped the prevention and control of the epidemic, avoid the potential infection risk of manual operation, greatly improved the efficiency of virus-killing, and won widespread attention at home and abroad.



And in the epidemic prevention work has become the norm, individual combat robots can not meet all the needs of public epidemic prevention, 5G for epidemic prevention brings new possibilities. Its ultra-low latency, massive connections, and ultra-large bandwidth features have brought epidemic prevention and control into a new stage of remote monitoring operations, real-time backhaul of massive data connections, and large-scale management.


Youibot, in conjunction with China Unicom's MEC Center, focuses on the field of intelligent epidemic prevention, and jointly develops and launches a peripheral cloud intelligent killing robot to block the source of virus infection and guard the health and safety of personnel in public places.



Edge cloud intelligent killing robot, based on the intelligent epidemic prevention robot of Youibot ARIS-K2, combined with China Unicom's powerful 5G edge cloud network capabilities, it is for public places or high-risk environments, integrating autonomous mobile, unmanned killing, group temperature measurement, and remote monitoring and other functions. The integrated intelligent epidemic prevention equipment further reduces human contact during epidemic prevention, protects the health and safety of anti-epidemic workers, and improves the efficiency of environmental elimination.



efficient disinfection and accurate temperature measurement to block the source of virus infection


the traditional disinfection manual operation is faced with the problems of low efficiency of group temperature measurement and insufficient manual disinfection. At the same time, it is difficult to collect data. The disinfection work is registered one by one and recorded separately. The epidemic prevention information cannot be summarized in time and the traceability is poor.


5G edge cloud intelligent killing robot can effectively kill the environment without dead corners, which is different from other killing methods of killing robots. It uses high-power ultraviolet disinfection, 66 seconds to complete the killing effect of 99.99% within 1m, there is no residue after disinfection, does not change the pH value in the environment, and ensures efficient and safe disinfection.


Robots use infrared capture and thermal imaging analysis, the population reaches 0.5 ℃, at the same time, 5G MEC edge calculation low latency, large bandwidth ability to image, information transmission and remote release of instructions, shorten the end-to-end business delay, automatically identify abnormal body temperature and real-time warning to the staff, body temperature monitoring is safe and controllable throughout.




Multi-machine centralized controlmassive epidemic preventionReal-time data return


In the context of "normalization of epidemic prevention", robots scattered in the region to perform tasks independently are connected to each other through 5G networking, breaking the discrete pattern of "individual combat" of robots, Real-time centralized coordination, and management, optimize the allocation of resources, improve the efficiency of elimination, and make epidemic prevention more global.


Massive amounts of information such as killing records and body temperature data generated by robot tasks are transmitted back in real-time, epidemic prevention data are recorded throughout the cycle, 100% backtracking, and the regulatory authorities have real-time access to first-hand information on the front line of epidemic prevention to assist in the rapid decision.policy, strangle the spread of the epidemic in the cradle.



Release Local Computing Power Optimization Service Local Navigation System


The 5G edge cloud intelligent killing robot has a built-in 5G module, which can connect to the 5G network and communicate with user terminals in the cloud.


By slicing the 5G network, different slices can be allocated to meet the different functions required by the robot. At the same time, part of the computing work of the scheduling system and the business system is put into the cloud, can better serve the local navigation system.




#application case

During the new coronavirus outbreak in 2020, a hospital's emergency and fever clinic received more than 100 patients every day, and the early identification of fever personnel and the elimination of the virus in the infected isolation area became the focus of the hospital's epidemic prevention work.


killing robot adopts the mode of white and black: during the day, it cooperates with medical staff to carry out a full-automatic cruise at the main entrance and exit of the hospital, which can efficiently and accurately measure body temperature in the crowd. Once abnormal body temperature is found, the personnel will call the police to the doctor as soon as possible. At night, according to the planned route, the outpatient department, emergency department, and infected area will be automatically killed by ultraviolet rays, so as, to increase the killing area per unit time.



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