Youibot and Michelin Announces ARIS for Unmanned Inspection Robot of Commercial Vehicles

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On April 20, 2018, Tianjin Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center, International Passenger Transportation Equipment and Technology Exhibition were held.

Youibot Robot and Michelin officially released the ARIS-V of unmanned inspection robots for commercial vehicles in China.






Michelin (China) Investment Co., Ltd., said, "Innovation is Michelin's innate DNA, and this time Michelin has introduced artificial intelligence technology into the traditional bus industry, protecting tire safety as always, while escorting the safety management of drivers and fleets. Through innovative means such as big data, we will improve the efficiency and accuracy of safety management and reduce fleet maintenance costs."



the scene witnessed Michelin's determination to develop intelligent digital solutions in the Chinese market. At the same time, I showed great interest in ARIS-V robots, scrambling to ask for details of robots and take photos to report.







The commercial inspection robot ARIS-V released this time can help the team to fully automatically inspect all buses parked in the station at night, Youibot realizes high-frequency coverage inspection of all landing tires, and ensure that each tire is inspected once a week to ensure that all abnormal tire puncturing and breakage can be found and repaired in time within a week.




With the ARIS-V on display, there is another activity, that is, tire wear inspection. Thanks to ARIS's autonomous mobile platform, the robot can accurately locate the vehicle and each tire and accurately park next to the vehicle to identify and align the tires. The new laser wear measurement module can go deep from under the tire, measure and record the cross-sectional data of the entire tire surface, calculate the remaining depth of each pattern, and judge eccentric wear.





At the same time, digital and remote intelligent management of fleet assets is realized through fully automatic measurement and recording;



For more ARIS-V, please watch the video.


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