Youibot and Tobek Sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement

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On November 26, Zhang Chao, founder and CEO of Youibot and Che Xiaoyuan, Tobek Information Equipment Technology co., ltd Chief Designer held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony.


The two sides agreed to conclude strategic cooperation on the premise of maintaining their respective strategic development goals and jointly to develop the application of AGV robots in the storage of drugs and drug-related goods.


Figure: Youibot signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Tobeck


During the signing ceremony, the two parties reached a consensus that they will give full play to their respective advantages, adopting a mutually open and deep integration approach that is conducive to product and market development in technology development, protecting the collaborative market, improving competitiveness, and strive to become a domestic drug and drug-related goods warehousing operations as soon as possible. The leading enterprise in the application of AGV.


In the process of implementing the agreement, the two parties should timely communicate the main information of the market, sales, customers, government policies, and other major information in the field of cooperation, give full play to their respective resource advantages, win market opportunities, and at the same time customers to provide better service and achieve win-win results for both enterprises.


Shenzhen Tobek Information Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2004. It is one of the earliest companies in my country to set foot in the field of warehousing and sorting equipment technology. It is mainly engaged in computer software and hardware, and the technical development of electromechanical control systems. The agent has established a long-term and stable cooperative relationship.

Youibot is an autonomous mobile robot enterprise that provides full-scene solutions. Founded in 2017, it is headquartered in Shenzhen and has offices in Shanghai, Suzhou and Xi 'an. As an industry-leading mobile robot and solution provider, Youibot applies the core technology of mobile robot chassis and software system, based on the two major scenarios of intelligent manufacturing and intelligent inspection, to provide global enterprises with independent mobile robot products and integrated solutions, To create a stable, efficient and flexible intelligent production field.


Currently, the domestic market of Youibot covers 17 provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions), and its products are exported to more than 30 countries such as Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Spain, Germany, and Italy. It has accumulated rich experience in smart logistics in vertical fields such as power plant inspection, vehicle maintenance, and intelligent manufacturing in the automotive and semiconductor industries, become a partner of many well-known domestic and foreign brands such as Michelin, China Huaneng, CRRC, Fast, AVIC, COMAC, ASM, Hitachi, etc.



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