Youibot CEO Zhang Chaohui was Awarded the Start-up U30 Upstart in 2021

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Recently, pioneering states released a list of "new entrepreneurs under 30" in 2021.


Youibot, was awarded the title of 30 startups under the age of 30 in 2021!



Entrepreneurial states have been paying close attention to young entrepreneurs, paying special attention to future business leaders who are full of innovative entrepreneurial spirit and the driving force of the times.

This year, entrepreneurial states have selected 30 outstanding 30-year-old entrepreneurs from the dimensions of management ability, innovation ability, financing ability, and social interaction through nearly four months of research and analysis.



According to Accenture's calculation, the application of artificial intelligence in the manufacturing industry in 2035 will promote the total growth value of the manufacturing industry to reach nearly 4 trillion US dollars. As the largest manufacturing country, my country will continue to integrate AI and manufacturing in an environment where the future market The prospects are huge.


Zhang Chaohui, in order to really use mobile robot technology to help the intelligent upgrading of China's manufacturing industry, he and his brothers founded Youibot Robot with the support of their mentors. He devoted all his energy to the industrialization of robots. He has made excellent achievements in the two major industrial scenes of inspection and industrial logistics, and has also made arrangements in various fields such as energy and semiconductors.

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