Youibot completed a new round of financing and won three consecutive rounds of accumulated over 100 million yuan in 2020.

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Less than 5 months before the last round of financing, Youibot Robot announced again on January 4 that it had obtained A + financing from Blue Chi. In 2020, when the growth rate of the industry affected by the epidemic generally slowed down, Youibot completed three rounds of accumulated financing of more than 100 million yuan during the year and continued to be favored by first-line funds such as Lanchi, SIG, Zhen, Inno and Common.


As a leading composite mobile robot enterprise in China, Youibot focuses on the two major scenarios of intelligent manufacturing and intelligent inspection, operation and maintenance. It uses integrated solutions to realize intelligent upgrading and transformation of traditional scenarios and maintains the first advantage in the market segment in the precision manufacturing represented by semiconductors and the energy industry represented by power generation.


Today, when the outline of the mobile robot track is becoming clearer, Youibot interprets the deep logic of industrial intelligence upgrading with dazzling growth rate.

In-depth scene empowerment and upgrade multi-point landing aggregation industry slices


In intelligent manufacturing 2025, enterprises are generally facing challenges such as cost reduction and efficiency enhancement, flexible production and digital management. Different from the vast majority of mobile robot companies in China, Youibot has always focused on industrial scenarios and service scenarios that require industrial standards and have gradually built business barriers by using technological advantages to help industrial intelligence upgrade.


Just as a chuan's continuous deep cultivation in the welding field,Youibot has focused on the 100 billion-level precision manufacturing and energy markets since its inception.


In the field of electronic semiconductors, the company to chip sealing and wafer production as the core of the two scenarios, through the technology first-mover advantage to seize the market high ground, to build industry influence.

For the energy industry, the company takes the power plant scene as a breakthrough, uses three-dimensional solutions such as inspection and operation to form the "most comprehensive robot system" in the industry, and leads the industry in petrochemical, gas, steel, and other sub-scenarios.



"With subdivision scenarios as the core and head enterprise cooperation as the traction, industry slices are formed through benchmarking scenarios." Zhang Chaohui, founder and CEO of Youibot, introduced that the company adopts a "project-based team" management model, and each team has all the capabilities from mobile robot system research and development to sales services, sinking to the customer site, has achieved 100% sub-industry focus and rapid response capabilities.



The era of software as king has reached the intelligent field of data upgrading and reconstruction.


At present, the hardware competition in the field of mobile robots has entered a plateau, and software applications starting from the top-level architecture are redefining the form and path of intelligent upgrading.the future competition in the robot industry is the competition of robot scene coverage, robot algorithms and software systems.


Youibot provides solutions from "bottom" to "top" for different scenarios. Taking the precision manufacturing field as an example, it realizes the complete closed-loop from the preparation warehouse to the production line to the finished product warehouse through the YOUI-TMS system and helps enterprises implement flexible production and digital management on the basis of improving quality and efficiency.



Taking mobile operation as the starting point and integrates general robot system and business application system. Through an integrated solution, Youibot realizes the mutual perception and intercommunication of material flow and data flow in the production management process. At the same time, it is based on the data value generated during operation. Constructed a sticky connection with users, and jointly promoted the progress of the industry.


Innovation Gene Driven Development Rapid Response Helps Industrial Upgrade


Youibot's leading-edge stems from the deep accumulation of the company's team in the professional field. The founding members are all composed of PhDs in robotics from Xi'an Jiaotong University, and the R&D team occupies 60% of the overall scale. In addition, it is composed of 8 top domestic experts and scholars including Academician Wang Yaonan of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Professor Mei Xuesong, a national planning expert in the field of advanced manufacturing, The industry advisory group constitutes the support of corporate think tanks.


At the business level, the company has introduced a large number of senior experts in professional fields. For example, the special person in charge of semiconductor manufacturing is an industry expert who has been deeply engaged in this field for nearly 20 years, and the chief architect of software applications has more than 10 years of experience in more than 500 Internet projects in the world.


Tajing excellent team background as the cornerstone, intelligent software application as the core, and scene depth focus as the policy. The three work together to give Youibot unique advantages and realize the rapid change from technical experts to industry experts. In 2019, the Company achieved a sales growth rate of 19 times compared to 2017 and a 3-fold increase in 202020.


In the future, Youibot will continue to cultivate the two major scenarios of intelligent manufacturing and intelligent inspection and operation, using benchmarking scenes to form a deep closed loop, and leading the large-scale mobile robot industry to the ground through multi-scene industry expansion.




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