Youibot has officially become a member of China Semiconductor Industry Association. Mobile empowerment helps promote industrial automation.

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China Semiconductor Industry Association recently reviewed and approved that Shenzhen Youibot Robotics Technology Co., Ltd. has officially become a member of the China Semiconductor Industry Association and participated in the activities of the Integrated Circuit Branch of the China Semiconductor Industry Association.



At present, the global semiconductor industry is experiencing a new round of arms race. As the world's largest semiconductor market, China is expected to occupy a more important position in the global pattern with large-scale capital and human investment. Integrated circuits and software are the core of the information industry and the key force leading a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation. China's integrated circuit industry continued to grow at a high rate in the face of the global economic slowdown affected by the epidemic in 2020, with sales reaching 590.58 billion yuan in the first three quarters, up 16.9% year-on-year.


In the face of the complex global economic structure and international trade environment, strengthening R&D innovation and promoting production capacity has become the meaning of the development of China's semiconductor industry. At present, the industry is accelerating the technology catch-up and replacement from the production end to the upstream. The 14th Five-Year Plan will form a combination of the production line construction and market resources for each key "stuck neck" link in the semiconductor industry chain to encourage domestic semiconductors. Youibot achieves development and progress, and realizes the leap-forward development of the integrated circuit industry.


As a leading composite mobile robot enterprise in China, Youibot , through its self-developed laser SLAM navigation standardized mobile robot, is equipped with collaborative management and control system and business application system to form an integrated intelligent upgrade solution. It is deeply involved in multiple subdivision scenarios in the semiconductor industry and makes efforts in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain to help factories improve their automation and informatization levels.


Semiconductor production workshop has a high cleanliness level, complex layout, narrow space, and various types of equipment. Youibot  can open up discrete production links through the multi-machine collaboration of mobile robots and efficiently help enterprises in flexible production. At the same time, the solution is used to realize automatic transmission, storage, and distribution between process equipment, open up complex processes in the process, effectively improve the equipment operation rate and reduce the incidence of manual errors. From wafer manufacturing in the early stage, packaging integration in the middle stage, to assembly, packaging and transportation in the later stage, the connection between material flow and information flow in the field is realized, and automation and information production are perfectly integrated.


Becoming a member of the China Semiconductor Industry Association is of great significance for Youibot to strengthen close cooperation in the industry and deeply integrate the development of the industry. Youibot will help improve the upstream and downstream automation level of the semiconductor industry through continuous research and development and innovation of mobile intelligent upgrading technology and contribute to the promotion of national information construction and the improvement of the quality of industrial development.






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