Youibot has won the CE certification of Rhine's full instruction set to lead mobile robots to accelerate overseas deployment.
December 23,2021

Youibot has obtained the CE certificate of full instruction set for mobile robot products issued by TÜV Rhine, an international inspection and certification body.

Industrial 4.0, Chinese science and technology enterprises are actively integrating into the process of globalization.


Recently held at the 2020 National Robot Development Forum,Youibot has obtained the CE certificate of full instruction set for mobile robot products issued by TÜV Rhine, an international inspection and certification body., this is a direct manifestation of Youibot's leading the development of mobile robot industry standards, and it is also a key step for it to accelerate the development of the international market as "China Smart Manufacturing.



In this CE certification, MD machinery safety directive adopts the latest EN ISO3691-4:2020 standard, which is called "the strictest and most comprehensive safety standard for EU assessment so far" and puts forward higher requirements for the safety and technical performance of robot products.


As a professional mobile robot and solution provider in China, uses high-precision laser SLAM navigation technology to independently develop three advanced standardized mobile robot products to meet the operation requirements of the whole scene and complex environment.


Three Standard Mobile Robots


Trans is a medium-sized indoor mobile robot with a maximum load of 1000kg. It supports various application expansion and secondary development such as roller docking and material box transfer.


Corgi is a light indoor mobile robot, which can pass through a 600mm narrow passage and the car body passes ROSH test, and can be applied to work in Class100-level dust-free workshops.


Kitt is an all-round laser navigation universal robot with IP55 grade dustproof and waterproof capability and standard barrier-crossing and water-wading capability. It can adapt to indoor and outdoor complex terrain in rain, snow, scorching sun and other weather.



On the basis of robots, Youibot has created a composite robot form that adapts to the needs of various subdivided scenarios, and through a complete three-dimensional solution, it has realized the intelligent upgrade of the industry in the whole scene.



At present, Youibot has served more than 50 well-known domestic and foreign companies such as COMAC, China Airlines, Michelin, Fast, ASM, Huawei, and China Huaneng. It is in more than 10 industries such as power plants, electronic semiconductors, and smart files. Maintain the advantage of being the first in the market.


To continue to deepen the domestic market, Youibot is actively moving towards the international market, and has established a deep channel sales network in more than 30 countries including Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Spain, Germany, and Italy.


Youibot's CE certification is an important step for Youibot to enter the European market and accelerate its overseas distribution. In the future, Youibot will continue to dig deep into the two major scenarios of intelligent manufacturing and intelligent inspection and operation, using mobile operating robots to empower the intelligent upgrade of the industry, and to expand the layout at home and abroad driven by technology.






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