Youibot joined hands with Yanfeng International and other well-known enterprises to open digital workshops and other key technology research
December 23,2021

the national key project research and development plan "key technologies for dynamic reconstruction of material flow, information flow and energy flow in discrete manufacturing digital workshop" was officially launched.

Recently, the national key project research and development plan "key technologies for dynamic reconstruction of material flow, information flow and energy flow in discrete manufacturing digital workshop" was officially launched.


Youai Zhihe, as the only mobile robot manufacturer of the project, will join hands with Yanfeng International, Foxconn, Tsinghua University, Yizong Institute, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology and other well-known enterprises and universities to carry out research on key topics such as digital workshops and intelligent production of parts.




Discrete Manufacturing Digital Workshop


With the continuous transformation of manufacturing to intelligence, new manufacturing production modes such as personalized customization and network collaboration have been widely developed.


The traditional batch and rigid production system is specially designed for one or several products. The mechanical structure, control system, and network system are all rigid design and deployment. Once the product design and production requirements change, the production line needs to stop production and manually Adjust the structure and control system of the production system, reset the configuration process and equipment configuration, the adjustment period is too long, and it is difficult to respond to changes quickly, it cannot meet the needs of consumers for rapid and large-scale production of highly personalized customized products.


dynamic reconfigurable system can make the production and manufacturing system highly flexible. It can automatically adjust the tasks, process flow, path planning and control parameters of the processing and assembly links, as well as the structure and control of the production system in response to changes in product design and orders. The program greatly shortens the delivery cycle of the product, so that it can quickly respond to the demand for large-scale production of highly customized products, realize large-scale and economical production of small batch or even single-piece customized products.


project, Youai Zhihe will complete the functions of intelligent distribution and material traceability through an integrated solution based on mobile robots to realize the digital transformation of the workshop and the intelligent production of products such as auto parts.




Digital Workshop


research the dynamic configuration and management technology of digital workshop process data based on OPC UA, and develop a dynamic integrated tool set based on 5G and OPC UA, with plug and play, reconfiguration, edge calculation, transmission control and other functions; develop production line mobile operating equipment management and control software, support mobile workbench path planning, material scheduling, positioning and navigation, real-time monitoring and other functions; develop a data reconstruction management system, support software-defined production equipment deployment, 5G network system and tool set collaborative processing, to achieve digital workshop equipment, units, production lines and other different levels of data dynamic integration.


Automotive and 3C Typical Discrete Industry Field Applications


for the reconfigurable production application scenarios of auto parts and 3C industries, the comprehensive application of project results such as comprehensive production line transformation and digital workshop dynamic management system and tool set, to achieve the improvement of digital workshop dynamic reconstruction efficiency under reconfigurable scenarios, The reduction of energy efficiency per unit product, the improvement of manufacturing system utilization and production error prevention capabilities.

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