Youibot Joins China Mobile 5G Enabling Cloud Computing Data Center RDC Warehouse
December 23,2021

The domestic AGV field has successfully deployed in a telecom-level network and provided telecom-level services with 99.9999% availability.

The end of 2020, Youibot 5G warehouse inventory inspection robot ARIS-RFID officially landed in the RDC warehouse of a cloud computing data center in China Mobile, using 5G advanced technology to achieve efficient inspection inventory of super-large warehouses. This project is the first time that domestic AGV has successfully deployed in telecom-level networks and provided telecom-level services with 99.9999% availability.



China Mobile Cloud Computing Data Center is not only a centralized IT system for its national data interaction but also important communication support for regional transportation hubs, commercial buildings, and cultural and leisure places. The RDC warehouse of the cloud computing data center is used to store communication materials, with a total area of 12000 ㎡ and a height of 13 meters. The six shelves in the warehouse have different heights. The highest shelf is 9 meters from the ground and the first shelf is 2.3 meters high.


Due to the vast area of the warehouse, the arduous task of warehouse management personnel and the different height of shelves in the warehouse, elevated materials need to be counted one by one against the material information table after using forklift forks, thus manual operation is very dangerous. In the case of many kinds of materials and complex information, it takes at least 2 days for the whole warehouse to count a reservoir area.


Since the data center was put into 5G construction, a large number of communication materials have poured into the RDC warehouse, and the heavy material entry and exit work has increased the pressure on the warehouse staff. At the same time, due to the low efficiency of manual operation inventory, the work has fallen into a dilemma of ensuring the progress of the project and ensuring the accuracy of the inventory.


Through an integrated intelligent solution, Youibot effectively solves the pain points of warehouse management, realizes intelligent inspection and inventory of warehouses, shortens the inventory time of the whole warehouse from 2 days to 10-20 minutes, greatly improves the project progress and ensures the accuracy of inventory.

Youibot 5G warehouse inventory inspection robot is a composite intelligent robot integrating map identification, path planning, autonomous navigation and movement, intelligent obstacle avoidance, target object identification, RFID inventory, and other functions. The hardware is mainly composed of an intelligent mobile AGV platform, pan-tilt, RFID, and face contrast instrument. It is equipped with an upper-level YOUI-Fleet robot dispatching system and YOUI-INS management software to realize efficient management of RDC warehouse materials warehousing, warehousing, inventory, shifting and security. The robot combines RFID, image recognition, sensors, Internet of Things and other advanced technologies to realize many functions such as RDC warehouse robot autonomous navigation, intelligent inspection, efficient inventory, automatic fire warning, illegal personnel invasion, fire extinguisher loss and autonomous charging.



The robot is equipped with a 5G communication module, supports SA and NSA networking solutions, and ensures the large bandwidth and low latency required for high-definition video and control signaling of the robot. Based on China Mobile's 5G network environment, the network traffic running more than 10Gb per day is realized, with an average upload rate of 80mbps and an average download rate of 500mbps. At the same time, the robot is equipped with a low-temperature-resistant lithium battery to ensure the normal operation of the robot in a low-temperature environment of -20 degrees Celsius. Combined with UHF RFID technology, the robot will carry out rapid inventory operation in the warehouse after planning the path in the reservoir area, and cooperate with RFID high-power antenna (long-distance, group reading, reliability) to shorten the inventory time of the whole warehouse from 2 days to 10~20 minutes, thus effectively ensuring the project progress and inventory accuracy, especially the warehouse scene with more elevated warehouses.


This project is another major achievement of Youibot 's in-depth inspection scenarios and intelligent upgrade. The professional product management, project management, and technical research capabilities of Youibot 's team have been highly recognized by customers. Youibot will continue to adhere to the principle of starting from the interests of customers and continue to carry out new explorations and journeys.



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