Youibot Releases Solution for Smart Unmanned Archive Library

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A file is an original record of various forms such as text, charts, audio, and video formed by state agencies, social organizations, enterprises and institutions, and individuals in the process of engaging in social activities. It has an important voucher function and reference value.


With the development of society and the advancement of information construction, the number of archives has increased dramatically, the archives carriers have become increasingly diversified, and the contents have been scattered and crossed. When the existing archives human resources are insufficient, the archivist should not only maintain the daily environment of the warehouse, but also coordinate the collection of archives in each warehouse room, which not only increases the labor intensity, reduces the work efficiency, but also seriously affects the function of the archives management system.


For some confidential files that contain sensitive information such as personal privacy, business and state secrets, once leaked, the safety and interests of state agencies, social organizations, enterprises and institutions, and individuals will be greatly damaged, and manual retrieval and filing the risks in the operation process are inevitable, which puts forward higher requirements for file security management. In view of the pain points faced in the current file management, it is particularly necessary to establish a safe, stable, accurate, and efficient intelligent unmanned file management and control mechanism.



Youibot Robot Smart Unmanned Archive Library Solution


Intelligent Unmanned File Management Solution is an unmanned overall solution created by Youibot  for the management of archives in large archives. It is applied to the management of personnel files, files, drawings, documents and other confidential data. Intelligent inventory robots and intelligent access robots, equipped with YOUI AMS file management systems, truly realize the unmanned and intensive management of file material carriers, avoid the security risks existing in manual management, and ensure the data circulation of file carriers Traceability, mass centralized management improves the efficiency of file management.


· ARIS-AR Inventory Robot

intelligent inventory robot uses RFID ultra-high frequency dual antenna group to improve inventory efficiency and accuracy. At the same time, the design of ball screw and sliding table lifting can not only quickly lift, but also ensure positioning accuracy. It has independent inventory, real-time generation of inventory reports, and inventory Abnormal reminder, remote operation and other functions to realize safe and efficient unmanned inventory of large file warehouses.



· ARIS-AR Access Robot

file access robot realizes the perfect docking with the intelligent file selection revolving cabinet, receives the file information issued by the business system, automatically coordinates the opening and closing of the corresponding compact shelf, moves to the corresponding file autonomously, calculates the high-precision file position information through visual recognition of file features, and controls the mechanical arm to move to the front of the file to realize the file loading and unloading operation. It has functions such as one-click operation and access, one-click inventory in designated areas, intelligent task planning, etc. to realize automatic data access in large file warehouses.



· YOUI AMS File Management System


The YOUI AMS system meets the requirements of the national standard. It has functions such as file management, inventory, statistics, person management, compact shelf management, robot management, and log management. It supports intelligent import of file entry information, and one-click release tasks, and supports planning and inventory tasks. The robot can continue to work after work. It can view log records such as character execution records and inventory records and can customize alarm information, including but not limited to low power alarm, task conflict alarm, etc.



Intelligent Unmanned Archives Library Solution is a special project team composed of Youibot scientific research team and Xi'an Jiaotong University Robotics and Intelligent System Research Institute/Shanxi Provincial Key Laboratory of Intelligent Robotics. Relying on Youibot 's experience in the unmanned transformation of a large number of scenes and powerful core algorithms of mobile robots, it was born after 2 years of trial and error and through the practice of many famous archives in China.


development process

YOUIBOT made their debut at the 2019 National Archives New Technology and New Product Exhibition.


YOUIBOT's second-generation archive management robot was unveiled at the 2020 China International Industry Fair, which attracted widespread attention from the archives industry. The exhibition site was popular and was highly recognized by the leaders of the National Archives Administration.


2021 Guangzhou Furniture Expo attracted the attention of many archivists.


In 2021, the Digital Fujian Cloud Computing Center was well received by the leaders of the National Archives Bureau and the archives leaders of enterprises and institutions.


Youibot reached a cooperation with a supplier of Fujian State Grid in 2021, and the borrowing and filing all-in-one machine was first introduced.


In April 2021, Youibot and its partner Jiangxi Zall Group successfully won the bid for a nearly 10 million-level general contracting project of archives in Yunnan Province, File Inventory Robot will make its debut in 2021.

at the annual meeting of university librarians in Henan Province in May 2021, many university librarians were full of praise. At present, intelligent inventory robots are performing tasks in archives all over the country.



With the increase of market demand and the improvement of scene requirements, as a leading enterprise of archival robots in the industry, Youibot continues to develop and innovate, Intelligent Access Robot was born.



Up to now, the intelligent unmanned archives management solution has been successfully applied to several archives and archives service scenarios in China, thus officially opening the prelude of domestic intelligent unmanned archives.

Youibot will also join hands with leading enterprises in RFID/filing cabinet/system software/environmental control and other industries in the industry to build a benchmark project for intelligent unmanned archives warehouses in various provinces and cities to jointly contribute to the development of archives.



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