Youibot Robot CEO Zhang Chaohui was selected into the 2021 Forbes Asia U30 Elite List

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recently, the 2021 Forbes 30 Asia list-class of 2021 (hereinafter referred to as "Forbes Asia U30 list") was officially announced. 300 people from 22 countries and regions on the list stood out, especially young entrepreneurs from China and India.


Zhang Chaohui, CEO of Youibot Robot from China, became a member of Forbes Asia U30!



As the founder and CEO of the leading mobile robot enterprise in China, Zhang Chaohui, while making continuous progress in the field of scientific research, deeply integrates his academic accumulation into the reality of the industry, leading the industry change and technological innovation in the field of mobile robots.


Forbes Asia U30 list has gone through six years. It is hosted by Forbes Asia. It aims to select 300 entrepreneurs and outstanding young people from all walks of life from Asian countries and regions including mainland China, Singapore, and Japan. This year's judges include outstanding entrepreneurs and business leaders. They integrated the candidate's leadership, influence, growth potential, entrepreneurial spirit, and other indicators, and selected 300 outstanding young people from more than 25000 candidates.


"Only by going deep into the scene can generate innovation and sustained vitality." As Zhang Chaohui has always emphasized since he started his business, Youibot has always focused on the actual scenes of customers, solved the real needs of customers, and used hardware to software in the three major fields of intelligent manufacturing, intelligent inspection, operation and maintenance and power. The integrated intelligent upgrade solution helps many companies achieve the goals of cost reduction and efficiency increase, flexible production and digital management.


Youibot has quickly built an influence in the industry and become China Huaneng, Fast, COMAC, ASM, Hitachi and many other well-known domestic and foreign brands Partner.


At present, the Youibot team has maintained a momentum of rapid growth while expanding rapidly. In 2019, the company's sales growth rate reached 19 times that of 2017, and in 2020, it also achieved a 3-fold growth rate compared with 2019, gaining the favor of SOSV, SIG, Inno, Real, Lanchi and other first-tier funds.


Whether it is the scene coverage of robots or the ability of products from hardware to software systems, the development and innovation of Youibot in the field of mobile robots are derived from its deep roots in the industry. At the same time, under Zhang Chaohui's strong appeal and call, the team's innovation, efficiency and honesty have enabled Youibot to seize every market opportunity and burst out strong vitality in the process of automation promotion in the industrial field.



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