Youibot Robot Full Matrix Heavy Release
December 23,2021

Composite mobile robot leader Youibot product full matrix blockbuster release.


Composite mobile robot leader Youibot product full matrix blockbuster release.


As a leading mobile robot enterprise in China, has taken the scene landing and service of customers as the first goal since its establishment, putting the R&D capability of robots and the R&D capability of systems in an equally important position, and has been promoting the R&D and application capability of systems in various scenarios.


Adhering to this concept, Youibot has created a product matrix that meets the intelligent upgrade needs of customers' production management processes and uses mobile robots to enable scenario changes.


Mobile Robot Mounting Control System



Youibot product matrix base is three standardized mobile robots, which meet the requirements of high precision, high stability and high safety required by the industrial level.


Trans is an industrial-grade laser navigation medium-sized indoor mobile robot, with a height of 200mm and a maximum load of 1000kg, realizing indoor repeated positioning accuracy of 5mm and accurate docking of various equipment.


Corgi is an industrial-grade laser navigation light indoor mobile robot. Its ultra-small size supports 600mm internal channel operation. The car body has passed the ROSH test and can be applied to work in Class100-grade dust-free workshops.


Kitt is an all-around laser navigation mobile robot with a high-performance shell design, IP55 grade dustproof and waterproof capability, which can adapt to the indoor and outdoor working environment in special weather such as rain, snow, and scorching sun, and has standard obstacle crossing capability and a wading capability.


Three standard mobile robots are equipped with multi-scene compatible robot management and control systems: YOUI-Fleet and YOUI-Pilot, which realize the control, scheduling, management and configuration functions of multiple robots, and can be quickly integrated into the user's business system and field equipment through standardized interfaces.


Four client smart application systems
to open up the material flow and information flow in the field


The top-level architecture of Youibot products is four client application systems for warehouse inventory, intelligent inspection, intelligent manufacturing, and intelligent epidemic prevention--YOUI-IMS. YOUI-INS, YOUI-TMS, YOUI-K2.


These systems can convert production line requirements into orders for robot systems, and then into robot scheduling and execution instructions, forming intelligent logistics brains and intelligent digital systems.


Among them, the YOUI-TMS is oriented to intelligent manufacturing scenarios and has core capabilities such as process management, scheduling merger, and line-edge warehouse management, which effectively solves the pain points of complex process flow, low equipment information level, and low collaboration efficiency in the landing of mobile robots projects. Adopt the simplest system docking method in the industry to achieve truly intelligent logistics control and realize the complete physical information circulation from the preparation warehouse-production line-production line-finished warehouse to the preparation warehouse-production line-production line-finished warehouse.


YOUI INS is oriented to intelligent inspection scenarios, with core capabilities such as automated data collection, intelligent identification and analysis, monitoring and early warning, and effectively solves the pain points of high environmental risk, heavy inspection workload, and unstable inspection quality. The inspection system supports connecting robots and other sensor equipment through WIFI network or 5G network. On the basis of reducing the accident rate of manual operation in a hazardous environment, it can realize real-time data monitoring and interactive sharing, and build a safe and efficient inspection scene.



Based on the mobile robot product matrix, Youibot can deeply integrate into the whole process of customer production management and build a closed-loop of intelligent upgrading industry.


At present, Youibot's full product matrix has landed in multiple scenarios and has maintained the first advantage in the market in the power, electronic semiconductor and other industry segments, successively serving Comac, Air China, Michelin, Fast, ASM, Huawei, China Huaneng and more than 50 well-known domestic and foreign enterprises, it has established deep sales network channels in more than 30 countries such as Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Spain, Germany and Italy.


"Mobile Enabling Scenario Change", Youibot will help the intelligent upgrade of the industry through continuous technological innovation and scene innovation.




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