Youibot Robot Won a New Round of Nearly 100 Million RMB Financing from Softbank Asia
December 23,2021

SIG, Lanchi Ventures and other old shareholders to invest.


Mobile robot and solution provider Youibot announced a new round of financing of nearly 100 million yuan led by Softbank Asia Venture Capital Company (hereinafter referred to as "Softbank Asia"), with old shareholders such as SIG and Lanchi Venture Capital following the investment.



Youibot is the head enterprise in the domestic industrial mobile robot track. Different from the industry enterprises generally focus on the development and production of the mobile robot body, Youibot from the actual needs of customers and automation upgrades top-level design, focusing on higher-dimensional scene empowerment and software service support capabilities.



"Using mobile robots to realize unmanned operation is only the first step in factory upgrading and transformation. More importantly, industrial service software is used to deeply integrate mobile robots into enterprise business management processes to assist enterprises in optimizing resources and making scientific decisions." Zhang Chaohui, CEO of Youibot, pointed out that the mobile robot industry service software model has greater product value and service space, can better adapt to customer needs, and is the optimal form of mobile robot development in the future.



Youibot is the earliest mobile robot enterprise in China to lay out software systems. Taking YOUI TMS intelligent logistics system built for the manufacturing industry as an example, it can upgrade the physical flow of mobile robots between processes to data connection, and has the ability to independently schedule overall logistics according to ERP, WMS, MES and other enterprise information systems, and complete the full coverage of logistics data from the preparation warehouse to the production line and then to the finished product warehouse.





is based on a full-cycle closed-loop solution from the "bottom" to the "end" scenario. Youazhi is rooted in the segmented vertical scenarios under the precision manufacturing and energy industries and uses its technological advantages to build deep business barriers. "Only by going deep into the scene can generate innovation and sustained vitality." As Zhang Chaohui has always stressed, Youai Zhihe has always focused on the actual scene of customers, listened to and solved the real needs of customers in the three major fields of intelligent manufacturing, intelligent inspection, operation and maintenance and power, and helped many enterprises to achieve the goals of cost reduction and efficiency enhancement, flexible production and digital management.



At present, Youai Zhihe has served many well-known domestic and foreign enterprises such as CRRC Zhuzhou, Huawei, Michelin, FASTER, ASM, Huaneng Group, etc., and has realized the closed-loop of intelligent upgrade solutions in more than 20 fields, and maintained the first advantage in the market in power plants, semiconductors and other industry segments. The company achieved three times its revenue in 2019 in 2020, maintaining continuous high growth since its inception. While deepening the domestic market, Youibot has established a deep channel sales network with more than 60 countries including Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Spain, and Germany.



Youibot has won the affirmation and support of new and old shareholders. Softbank Asia partner Ding Haipeng said that Youibot has a complete closed-loop solution from hardware products to service software. Its deep focus on the scene and strong technical support have given Youibot the ability to quickly occupy the market. Seize every market opportunity in the increasingly fierce competition on the mobile robot track and lead industrial innovation and industry change.



Lanchi, said: "Under the new infrastructure wave, the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries are accelerating, and pan-industrial automation applications are ushering in unprecedented market opportunities. As a mobile robot leader, Youai Zhihe has a deep vertical scene to create closed-loop services for customers, and the solutions have actually landed in manufacturing, energy and other fields, and we look forward to working with Youai Zhihe to witness the process of mobile robot."



SIG, said: "As a basic link to open up the automation of future industrial and maintenance scenarios, mobile robots will have greater demand value and growth space in enabling enterprise business management processes in the future. As a leader in the industry, Youibot has rich team management experience and solid business capabilities. It has continuously deepened the application of subdivided fields, and the company's business scale has entered a stage of rapid development. We are optimistic about the development of Youibot and look forward to creating value for more customers."


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