Youibot Surprised at the 21st Industrial Fair with a variety of products
December 23,2021

The 21st trade fair, the national exhibition center is continuing, waiting for you to come to the scene!

The annual trade fair came as promised, and it was still very popular. As a rookie in the field of mobile robots, Youibot Robot, together with the small mobile robot Corgi series and composite mobile robot Trans-AllinOne, was pleasantly unveiled at the 21st Industrial Fair. At the same time, it jointly exhibited with industry partners to demonstrate the comprehensive strength of Youibot from various angles.

the audience was packed with people and stopped.


Youibot  booth

booth number: 6.2H-B123

Corgi mobile robot


Small indoor mobile robot Corgi is equipped with rollers, and ultra-high precision laser SLAM navigation, and the two machines drift accurately and dock properly! Repeated positioning accuracy can reach up to 5mm!

Ultra-flexible passability, 600mm ultra-small gap can also shuttle!

Trans-All in One Compound Operation Mobile Robot

Medium-sized mobile robot Trans is equipped with a cooperative robot arm and a small tray. It is a new design, only one!

The two major processes of pallet transfer and material grabbing can be realized by one robot, and the production efficiency is greatly improved!


In addition to the main exhibition of the 6.2H Pavilion, Youibot will hold a joint exhibition with its partners at the same time. We can also be seen in the 7.1H Pavilion!


Robots Booth


booth number: 7.1H-E009


Tiantian robot booth, the 500kg load version of Trans series robots is equipped with an industrial robot arm, moving the production line production scene one to one. Integrated operation of loading and unloading, taking, and transferring.


Highlights continue.

From September 17 to 21, welcome to Youibot Robot Booth (booth number: 6.2H-B123) Booth and Tiantian Robot Booth (booth number: 7.1H-E009) Feel the wonderful performance of Youai Zhihe!


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