Youibot won the GBAS 2020 Greater Bay Area Robot and Artificial Intelligence Competition
December 23,2021

After strict screening and review by professional judges, Youibot Robot stood out from many technology companies and finally won the 2020 Greater Bay Area Robot and Artificial Intelligence Competition.

Recently, it was co-sponsored by Shenzhen Futian District Science and Technology Innovation Bureau, Shenzhen Keju Bay District Economic Research Institute, and Shenzhen Industry-University-Research Cooperation Promotion Association.GBAS 2020 Greater Bay Area Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Competitionkicked off in Shenzhen. The Greater Bay Area Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Competition has been held in Shenzhen for five consecutive times, and a number of excellent "double innovation" projects have emerged, forming a high brand influence.


After strict screening and review by professional judges, Youibot Robot emerged from many technology companies and finally won 2020 champion of the Greater Bay Area Robot and Artificial Intelligence Competition., Youibot won the honor of "Top Ten Science and Technology Projects of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence in the 2020 Greater Bay Area", and the organizing committee of the competition issued certificates on the spot.



Continuous innovationassistRobot Industry is booming.

As a leading composite mobile robot enterprise in China, Youibot has focused on intelligent manufacturing and intelligent inspection and operation at the beginning of its establishment, providing closed-loop solutions for vertical fields on the basis of standardized mobile robots covering the whole scene, and helping the intelligent upgrading of the industry.
Youibot is ahead of the industry: high-precision mobile robot positioning and navigation system, multi-robot cluster collaboration and scheduling system, and configuration intelligent robot information connection system. On the basis of industrial AMR, the company provides solutions from "bottom" to "top" for different scenarios to help upgrade industrial intelligence.


the 5G era is coming, the Youibot team seized the opportunity and worked closely with the largest ICT solution provider in China in early 2019 to launch the country's first 5G inspection robot in combination with the outstanding capabilities of 5G networks and the application scenarios of mobile robots. This robot explores the actual scene of 5GeMBB and URLLC technology landing in commercial applications and is a pioneering scene of 5G application scenarios.


In the face of the severe epidemic prevention and control situation in early 2020, Youibot quickly responded and developed and launched the first 5G intelligent killing robot in China, effectively detecting the source of virus infection, blocking the virus transmission channels, and helping to prevent and control the epidemic in public places.


In today's rapid iteration of information technology, Youibot will help Shenzhen's robot industry to flourish through continuous business cultivation and R & D innovation, and contribute to the integration and development of the robot and artificial intelligence industry in the Greater Bay Area.




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