Youibot and Intelligent Inspection Four Solutions Shine World Artificial Intelligence Conference
December 23,2021

Youibot has made a blockbuster appearance with four major scenes of intelligent inspection solutions, showing the world of harmonious coexistence between people and robots!

From July 8 to 10, the world artificial intelligence conference, jointly sponsored by seven national ministries and commissions and the Shanghai Municipal People's government, opened in Shanghai. As an AI and robotics technology event, the site attracted many representative companies in the industry to showcase the latest technological achievements in related fields.


Youibot has made a blockbuster appearance with four major scenes of intelligent inspection solutions, showing the world of harmonious coexistence between people and robots!



The exhibition site, Youibot and Shunfeng Supply Chain China jointly launched an intelligent warehouse inventory solution for the first time in China!


In the traditional large-scale high-shelf warehouse, the efficiency and accuracy of manual inventory are difficult to meet expectations. The large warehouse inventory solution uses AMR and lifting device, which can complete the independent inventory of nearly 30,000 square meters of warehouse and 15 meters of shelf materials within 11.5 hours, scan the goods information board at one time, return the information such as the name and location of the goods to YOUI IMS warehouse management system, automatically generate the warehouse goods inventory report, and assist the manager to plan the inventory scientifically.


At present, this solution has helped multiple large warehouses to upgrade their high-level inventory intelligently. In a 29,000-square-meter storage area in Sydney, it used to take 80 hours for 50 7-storey material racks to manually complete the inventory of a storage area, but only 11.5 hours after using this solution. The inventory efficiency is 695% of labor!


The solution of Youibot is a key step in the construction of smart warehouses. The intelligent large warehouse inventory solution not only improves inventory efficiency but also promotes the in-depth integration of logistics and supply chain management, making the sea of data unimpeded and maximizing the flow of goods.



With the explosive growth of IDC's computer room-scale, it is expected that the total power consumption of the national data center will account for 4.05% of the total electricity consumption of the society in 2025. How to save energy and reduce emissions to build a green computer room is of great significance to the carbon-neutral goal.


Youibot creates an intelligent IDC inspection solution for data centers, robots can conduct an autonomous inspection, intelligent analysis, and rapid fault location in the computer room, improve the efficiency and accuracy of inspection, ensure the stable and efficient operation of the computer room, and assist the data room to optimize resources and reduce energy consumption, realize green transformation and upgrading, and solve the pain points faced by traditional IDC inspections, such as personnel shortage, missing inspection risks, and huge energy consumption.


The IDC intelligent inspection robot is equipped with various sensors to collect and return important parameters such as temperature and airflow in various parts of the machine room, scan and locate "hot spots" in all directions to achieve accurate cooling, and assist the machine room to reasonably adjust and optimize the configuration of the refrigeration system, so that the machine room always maintains the optimal operating environment, thereby reducing PUE and carbon emissions.



The exhibition site, Youibot also showed an overall solution for the unmanned transformation of large archives warehouses, which is widely used in the management of confidential data such as personnel files, files, drawings, documents, etc. Through intelligent inventory robot and intelligent access robot to achieve intelligent file access and inventory, equipped with YOUI AMS file management system, the real sense of the unmanned and intensive management of the file material carrier, to ensure that the file flow data can be traced, to avoid the security risk of manual management.



Facing China's rapidly growing rail transit industry, Youibot has launched an automated robot ARIS-VMR for the operation and maintenance of rail trains during the night window period. It can automatically inspect the bogie wheel train and power system at the bottom of the train, and complete all the above work within the 40-minute operation and maintenance window of the train at night, thus greatly reducing the pressure on the operation and maintenance personnel.



In recent years, the country has vigorously developed industrial 4.0 and the construction of smart factories. At the same time, people around the world have higher and higher expectations for carbon neutrality. More and more intelligent inspection needs have emerged in the industrial production process.


"With more than four years of deep cultivation and accumulation in the industry, Youibot Robot has formed a complete set of hardware, software, and intelligent inspection system technical framework. Combining autonomous navigation mobile robots, machine vision, multi-degree-of-freedom actuators and multi-sensor fusion, Youibot ARIS series robots can meet the requirements of industrial operation and maintenance under various conditions and adapt to different complex environments." Zhao Wanqiu, Director of Intelligent Operation and Maintenance Products of Youibot Robot Technology Co., Ltd., said.


Currently, the domestic market of Youibot covers 23 provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions), and its products are exported to more than 30 countries such as Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Spain, Germany, and Italy. It has accumulated rich scene experience in vertical fields such as precision electronics manufacturing, power plant inspection, large warehouse inventory, and smart archives, become a partner of many well-known domestic and foreign brands such as Michelin, Lixun, China Huaneng, CRRC, Faster, AVIC, COMAC, ASM, Hitachi, etc.



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