[YOUIBOT | News] Premier Li Keqiang went to Xijiao University to investigate

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In 2019, Li Keqiang, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Premier of the State Council, went to Xi'an Jiaotong University for investigation. Chen Baosheng, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Minister of the Ministry of Education, Hu Heping, Secretary of the Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee, and Liu Guozhong, Governor of Shaanxi Province, accompanied the investigation.

Chen Baosheng, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Minister of the Ministry of Education made a special trip to the Engineering Workshop to inspect the students' innovation, entrepreneurship, and employment work, and visited and guided the outstanding entrepreneurial team. As a representative of a high-tech enterprise that grew up in Xi'an jiaotong University, Youibot Robot also participated in this exhibition report.

People stopped to watch the display of Youibot robot, Chen Baosheng heard that the mobile operating robot built by Youibot has been exported to Japan, South Korea, India and other countries, creating many industry initiatives. Chen Baosheng sent us a message that we should continue to use leading technology to help upgrade the industry.


Originated from Technology Tamping of Jiaotong University

Youibot helps upgrade the intelligent manufacturing and intelligent operation and maintenance industries.

Youibot Robotics Technology Co., Ltd. are all the mechanical engineering major of Xi'an Jiaotong University. At present, it has a research and development team led by Professor Mei Xuesong, a distinguished professor of Changjiang Scholars, an expert in the field of robotics, and an advanced manufacturing expert in the National 13th Five-Year Plan. At the same time, it has in-depth R & D cooperation and support with the Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Systems of Xi'an Jiaotong University, Shaanxi Provincial Key Laboratory of Robotics, and Xi'an Robot Innovation Research Institute. Professional technical background and rich research and development experience enable Youibot to make continuous progress on the road of technological consolidation and product innovation.


Company has promoted development with innovation, led the industry with speed, and created a number of industry initiatives, which have been highly recognized by domestic and foreign customers, including Michelin Group, Huaneng Group, Harbin Engineering Group, Yuchai Electric, Shenzhen Customs and so on.


Youibot received the cordial care of the Minister of Education and encouraged Youibot to make continuous progress, transform the research and development results, produce more application results, and contribute to the development of the industry!



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