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December 23,2021

2019 is a year of rapid landing and promotion of Youibot robot. Youibot Robotics products are rapidly promoted in many intelligent manufacturing and intelligent maintenance scenarios such as auto parts, aerospace, 3C, semiconductors, power plants, file management and vehicle maintenance.

2019 year-end summary

2019 is the year of rapid landing and promotion of the Youibot robot. Youibot Robotics products are rapidly promoted in many intelligent manufacturing and intelligent maintenance scenarios such as auto parts, aerospace, 3C, semiconductors, power plants, file management, and vehicle maintenance.


thanks to the customers, suppliers, partners, and investors of Youai Zhihe Robot, as well as every member of Youibot Family for your efforts and let us grow together.

Next, let's take stock of the harvest in 2019 ~


New product release, standardized mass promotion

Youibot Robot combines the self-developed laser and vision combined with a high-precision positioning and navigation system and launches the core hardware Youi Pilot mobile robot, which standardizes and upgrades the three series of KittX, Corgi, and Trans, which are obstacle-crossing type, passing type, and the universal type. From 50kg-1000kg, combined with the robot execution terminal, the product matrix of the medium and light load mobile robot is formed. For the needs of unmanned, digital and intelligent factory logistics and intelligent inspection, YouiPilot can be quickly competent.

At the same time, in terms of software products, Youibot has launched a Youi Fleet scheduling and management system. This robot scheduling and management system is a general software solution Youibot the robot industry formed through multi-dimensional understanding and practice across industries. B/S architecture, simpler deployment, provides standardized system interfaces, realizes seamless docking with WMS, ERP, MES, and other business systems, and supports privatization, cloud, distributed, centralized and flexible deployment.

Youibot provides a fast and easy-to-use platform for end customers and integrators.


Multiple industry projects landed and set sail for overseas markets.

2019, Youibot Robot was realized Industry Plan.


First,10 industry benchmark customers procurement, 50 Robot Project delivery, tens of millions the order of the robot landed.

Covering aviation, auto parts, 3C semiconductors, power plants, file management and other sub-sectors and industries.
At the same time, Youibot is actively expanding its overseas business, and its products are exported to many overseas countries and regions such as Japan, South Korea, Japan and Finland.


Youibot presided over and participated in a number of robot technology projects,

Promotes the Progress of Robot Technology

In 2019, Youibot presided over the key research and development plan of Shaanxi Province-"Research and Development and Demonstration Application of Key Technologies of Compound Intelligent Mobile Operation Robot", participated in the research and development of an intelligent production line of core components of automobile synchronizer, a major science, and technology project of Shaanxi Province, and participated in the special project of network collaborative manufacturing and intelligent factory of national key research and development plan. Work with major scientific research institutes to promote the research and development and technological progress of mobile operating robots. At the same time, Youai Zhihe Robot actively participates in the formulation of various mobile robot industry standards to promote the common progress of the industry.


Praised and appeared at the industry exhibition.

Youibot was honored to report the growth of Youibot to the Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Minister of the Ministry of Education Chen Baosheng, Vice Premier Sun Chunlan, and other national leaders in 2019, and introduced Youibot mobile operation robot products in power plant inspection, Automobile and aircraft manufacturing, vehicle maintenance and other fields of characteristic application.

In 2019, Youibot participated in dozens of industry exhibitions and activities. Special exhibitions were unveiled at the 2019SIA Shanghai Intelligent Factory Exhibition, 2019CEMAT International Logistics Exhibition, 5G Innovation, and Development Conference, 2019 Shanghai Industry Fair, 2019 International Public Transport Equipment and Technology Exhibition, and other industry exhibitions, bringing high-quality robot solutions to exhibitors friends and industry partners.


Won the award again and patented technology grew.

Youibot won the Capek Technology Innovation Award for two consecutive years, and experts in the field of robotics continue to recognize the technical strength of Youibot robotics.

With the efforts of the product and R & D team, as of December 19, Youibot Robot has applied for and accepted nearly 50 core technology patents, covering robot positioning and navigation, motion control, human-computer interaction, mechatronics design, and mechanical arm control, Motor and drive, cloud platform, computer vision, and other technical fields.


The new office was launched and the team grew rapidly.

Youibot Robot currently has two R & D and product centers in Shenzhen and Xi 'an. In June, the Shenzhen office of Youibot Robot moved from HAX to CLP Zhihe Ark. It is still in the bustling and bustling Huaqiang North, which is convenient for everyone to commute to work. It can be produced by factories in Bao 'an and Guangming.

Youibot will warm up and open the Yangtze River Delta base next year.

The following photos were taken in the middle of the year after the move, and now they are even stronger (tears running, busy at the end of the year, all on business, no time to take photos ~ ~ ~)

Youibot looks forward to making common progress with everyone in 2020 and promoting industrial upgrading!

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