Youibot and Xiaomi United | 3C Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation Consortium Was Officially Established

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As the world's largest consumer electronics market, China's 3C industry is expanding rapidly, forcing the upstream industry to expand production and efficiency.

On July 30, the launch meeting of the 3C Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation Consortium initiated by Xiaomi was held in Beijing Xiaomi Science and Technology Park. Many relevant leaders attended the meeting.

 Youibot Robot

The 3C Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation Consortium is led by Xiaomi, and joins upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain such as Youibot Robot, China Telecom, and Luoshi Technology, as well as some universities and institutes such as  Tsinghua University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology and so on.


In the fields of advanced technology and intelligent manufacturing systems, intelligent equipment and robots, as well as in the verification of smart factory scenarios, the innovation consortium gathers superior resources such as scientific research, industry, and market in the field of intelligent manufacturing. Under the guidance of the national manufacturing power strategy, we will jointly break through the technical bottleneck of the industry with joint innovation mode, promote the high-quality development of 3C intelligent manufacturing innovation ecology, and become the strategic scientific and technological force of China's manufacturing industry.

As a leading industrial mobile robot enterprise in China, Youibot is guided by the construction of smart factories, applying industrial logistics solutions to achieve the goal of intelligent upgrading for 3C manufacturing industry chain, and helping to achieve stable, continuous and efficient production.


Zhou Ji of Chinese Academy of Engineering emphasized that China's manufacturing industry has a strong demand and historical opportunity for transformation and upgrading and high-quality development. The new generation of AI breakthroughs and applications further enhance the level of digitalization, networking and intelligence of manufacturing industry, fundamentally improve the efficiency of industrial knowledge generation and utilization, and push the development of manufacturing industry into a new stage.


Lei Jun, Xiaomi's CEO, said that it has always been Xiaomi's original mission to take root in the manufacturing industry and develop the manufacturing industry. What is more important is how to drive and help partners to achieve intelligent transformation and upgrading. The innovation consortium will take the lead in exploring intelligent manufacturing,and help to improve the technical strength of Chinese manufacturing and the rise of Chinese brands.


Youibot will fully combine the profound technical accumulation and rich commercial implementation cases in industrial logistics solutions, and promote the development of 3C manufacturing technology and industry with the members of the innovation consortium, and demonstrate the power of China's cutting-edge technology.


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