Youibot Attended LogiMAT In Germany To Demonstrate The Strength Of China's Industrial Science And Technology

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Youibot made a grand appearance at LogiMAT

LogiMAT was grandly held in Stuttgart, Germany from May 31st to June 2nd.  As one of the largest and most influential logistics exhibitions in Europe, this year's LogiMAT has attracted 1,571 exhibitors from 39 countries or regions including China, Japan, South Korea, Russia, and France. The total number of visitors exceeded 50,000.

In this grand exhibition, Youibot made a grand appearance with its intelligent industrial logistics solutions and intelligent warehousing innovative solutions, showing the top power of Chinese industrial mobile robots to the world.

Youibot at  LogiMAT

Youibot has achieved fruitful results at LogiMAT in Germany and has gained the attention of partners in the field of automation and logistics, who are from Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, France, Poland, and other countries.

L series - rotary lifting robot

It is specially designed for flexible mobile handling in industrial scenarios, supports up to 1000 loads, and can be expanded to more than ten different operation modules, which can easily handle large-scale material backpack mobile operation tasks in factory manufacturing, warehousing logistics, and security inspections.

Youibot at  LogiMAT

More flexible

0-400mm the widest lifting stroke in the industry

Covering the docking height of different processes

More compatible

QR code and laser fusion navigation

Adapt to a variety of complex production environments

IMR-inventory management robot

Youibot and SF express jointly develop the intelligent inventory solution for high-shelf warehouses, which applies AMR and lifting devices. And it can complete the independent inventory of shelf materials up to 15 meters in a warehouse of nearly 30,000 square meters within 11.5 hours. 

This solution efficiently and safely solves the difficulty of large-scale, high-modular, heavy-duty cargo task inventory. It has changed the traditional large-scale warehouse inventory management mode, and has a milestone significance for the construction of intelligent logistics.

Youibot at  LogiMAT

High-level warehouse inventory

Covers 15mm to 15m on high shelf

Stable motion control and millimeter-level height control

Accurate identification of inventory information

Achieve 99.999% accurate matching

Real-time control and interactive management of inventory information




About Youibot

Youibot always takes the implementation of application scenarios and customer service as the first goal. While focusing on the domestic market, we actively move forward to the overseas market. Our products are exported to more than 30 countries such as Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Spain, Germany, and Italy. We have preliminarily established the industry pattern in the international mobile robot market. Products are designed in full accordance with industry specifications and have obtained CE&SEMI S2 certification. Trans1000 won the German Red Dot Design Award for its outstanding design!

Looking at the world, Youibot will lead the development of mobile robots with high-quality products and services, and invite you to explore a world where we and robots coexist in harmony.


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