Youibot Bringing E-commerce Warehouse Logistics Solution to Detonate Full Court
December 23,2021

The 10th China (Guangzhou) International Logistics Equipment and Technology Exhibition (LET 2019) was held in Guangzhou Convention and Exhibition Center. Youibot brought out two intelligent logistics solutions, e-commerce warehouse out-of-warehouse picking, and intelligent inspection robot solutions to the exhibition.

The 10th China (Guangzhou) International Logistics Equipment and Technology Exhibition (LET 2019) is being held in full swing in Guangzhou Convention and Exhibition Center. As the top logistics exhibition in China, LET 2019 has a large area, attracting nearly 400 top logistics technology enterprises from home and abroad to participate in the exhibition, and will present a feast for the application of logistics technology in South China!

Youibot brought two intelligent logistics solutions, namely, check-out and pick-out, and intelligent inspection robot solutions to the exhibition. Corgi, a small autonomous mobile robot, detonated the audience, attracting a large number of professional audiences to stop and consult.



Outbound and Outbound Forks Solution

The warehouse entry and exit solution is a fork-taking solution for 50kg material boxes. Dynamic scheduling supports simultaneous entry and exit. It can meet a variety of material requirements: rollers, belt lines, and material trucks. It can meet the requirements of 800x 600x 600 material boxes.



A lightweight fork-taking scheme is a light material box handling scheme built by Youibot for 3C, auto parts, tobacco, and electronics industries. It minimizes shelf transformation, realizes rapid deployment, minimizes site transformation, and reduces shutdown time for transformation. At the same time, the dynamic robot scheduling system supports the integration with the MES/WMS system in the factory to realize the optimal scheduling of the material box in and out of the warehouse.





E-commerce outbound picking logistics


The e-commerce outbound picking solution is for intensive storage and handling of 40kg of material box units, realizing logistics turnover links such as the vertical warehouse in the e-commerce warehouse to the temporary storage area, the temporary storage area to the picking area, and the back-to-back storage.




This solution can perform high-frequency movement based on multiple picking units, which can meet the peak picking requirements. At the same time, it supports the movement of dense shelves in dense sites to maximize storage density. Dynamic scheduling supports intelligent movement from multiple regions to multiple units and optimizes the efficiency of order delivery. Youibot's e-commerce out-of-stock picking scheme is one-stop from OMS to WMS to picking, packing, and out-of-stock, creating a complete integration of all unmanned out-of-stock picking.





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