Youibot Made A Grand Appearance At SFAW2022 Exhibition In South Korea

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On April 6, 2022, the Korea Smart Factory and Automation World Exhibition (SFAW) was grandly opened at the Coex International Convention and Exhibition Center in Seoul!

Youibot made a grand appearance with smart logistics solutions, showing China's technology to the world.

As one of the most influential industrial automation exhibitions of Asia and even the world, SFAW has been held since 1990, leading the latest trends in the automation industry. More than 450 companies from China, Japan, Dubai, Spain, Australia, US, Mexico, India, Indonesia, Russia, Brazil participated in this exhibition.

At SFAW, Youibot exhibited with the products L1000-R rotary jacking& handling robot and AT-200 intelligent picking robot, showing the intelligent logistics solutions integrating software and hardware.


L1000-R Rotary Lifting & Handling Robot

It is specially designed for flexible mobile handling in industrial scenarios, which supports upto 1000 loads, and can be expanded to more than ten different operation modules, and which can easily cope with large-scale material backpack mobile operation tasks in factory manufacturing, warehousing logistics, and security inspections.

More flexible

0-60mm lifting stroke range

Covering the docking height of different processes

More compatible

QR code and laser fusion navigation

Adapting to a variety of complex production environments


AT-200 Intelligent Picking Robot

It is specially designed for scenarios such as cargo handling and picking, which can operate independently and efficiently, which may reduce people from walking, optimize the operation process, and improve the accuracy and picking efficiency, applied in warehousing, manufacturing, electronics, and other third-party logistics and fashion shoes, e-commerce, food and medicine and other industries.

More efficient

Customized integration and adaptation for  scenarios to achieve optimal picking solutions

Autonomous navigation and obstacle avoidance to steadily and continuously improves the efficiency of order fulfillment


Simple and convenient operation interface, fast and flexible software system deployment

Accurate tracking of goods information to support cluster scheduling of large warehouses


Looking for Cooperation with Youibot

As a leading supplier of mobile robots and solutions in China, Youibot always takes the customer's scene landing and service as the first goal. While focusing on the domestic market, it is actively moving towards overseas markets, and its products are exported to Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Spain, Germany, Italy and more than 30 countries. It has initially established the industry pattern in the international mobile robot market.

Youibot will lead the development of mobile robots through high-quality products and services, help social production, and invite you to explore a world where you, me, and robots coexist in harmony.


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