Youibot Named National Specialized and New "Little Giant" Enterprise

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Recently, the list of the fifth batch of national specialized and new "Little Giant" companies was released. Owing to its outstanding performance in the field of intralogistics in advanced manufacturing, Youibot Robotics was awarded the title of national specialized and new "Little Giant".

As a solution provider focused on laser SLAM navigation mobile robots, Youibot has made significant achievements in exploring technological potential, innovating product development, and expanding the market.


With rich accumulation in intralogistics for advanced manufacturing, Youibot's integrated hardware and software solutions have been widely applied in the semiconductor, lithium battery, and 3C sectors, and strategic partnerships have been established with numerous industry-leading companies. Through joint efforts with its partners, Youibot's products have made considerable progress in domestic and international markets.


Data shows that out of the 17,000 companies that applied for the national specialized and new "Little Giant" title in 2023, only 3,000 were accepted, a passing rate of about 20%. Youibot Robotics was recognized as a national specialized and new "Little Giant" company, demonstrating its steady development trend, autonomous research and development innovation, and comprehensive competitive strength in the field of mobile robots.


Youibot continues to refine product technology, enhance R&D innovation capabilities, implement logistics automation and data closed loops for all stages of the production process based on integrated solutions of mobile robots and software applications, forming a key support for the construction of intelligent factories.


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