Youibot Stunned Once Again at 2024 LogiMAT Germany!

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From March 19th to 21st, Youibot stunned once again at 2024 LogiMAT in Germany to show the power of technology and innovation!

Youibot once again took the stage at LogiMAT 2024 in Germany to showcase its leading industrial automation solutions to the world. As an exhibitor of LogiMAT, Youibot not only demonstrated the hard power of its products, but also the leader of technological innovation.

At the booth, Youibot showcased a range of innovative products including the Lifting Series - L300, the Automatic Trolley-AT100 and the Composite Mobile Robot.

Youibot keeps plouging into the algorithmic technology of mobile robot software and hardware level, and is committed to opening up the "data silo" in the production link, compensating for the loss of data after the production data leaves WMS and MES, so that the data of the factory production data circulates like blood in the body, truly realizing the digital intelligence of the industrial production, and assisting the enterprises in scientific operation and decision-making.


Through the 3-day wonderful display, Youibot shared the key technology of infield logistics automation transformation with the audience. With R&D as the core, Youibot continuously polished the algorithm technology to create mobile robots with excellent performance and integrated software and hardware solutions to provide professional and honest intelligent upgrading services for customers.

Youibot's innovative ideas lead the way and will continue to strive to provide the best automation solutions for our customers!


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