Youibot Robotics has been shortlisted for the 2024 IERA Award, exemplifying the robust technological prowess in semiconductor intelligent manufacturing.

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Recently, Youibot was unanimously recognized by the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society (IEEE/RAS) and the International Federation of Robotics (IFR) as a finalist for the 2024 Invention and Entrepreneurship in Robotics Automation Award (IERA) for its pioneering contributions and impact in the field of semiconductor smart logistics.


IERA Awards

The IERA prize, jointly organized by IEEE/RAS and IFR, aims to honor innovative inventors and entrepreneurs who translate these innovations into world-class products. Finalists showcase their innovative products in the form of academic presentations at the IEEE/IFR Robotics and Automation Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum series, sharing stories of their journey from inception to commercialization and finally winners will be selected by a panel of judges.


Shining on the Global Stage

During the International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) on May 16th, Bian Xu, co-founder and CTO of Youibot Robotics, impressed the judging committee as one of the four finalists by showcasing the composite mobile robot and intelligent logistics control system. Andra Keay, IERA Awards Chair & Vice President of the RAS Industrial Activities Board, highly praised the product's performance and practical applications.


Youibot’s groundbreaking solutions

With the global wave of industrial intelligence upgrades, traditional Automated Material Handling Systems (AMHS) relying on Overhead Hoist Transport (OHT) as the main transportation system are undergoing innovation. As a "new productive force" in the semiconductor industry, Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) excel in flexibility and collaboration, achieving organic coordination in semiconductor manufacturing in terms of efficiency, flexibility, and return on investment,completely completing the unmanned production of the whole process,and making Fully Auto  no longer just a far-fetched vision.The High-speed, staggered OHT in the air, complemented by the flexible and nimble AMR on the ground, jointly paving the way for the transformation of semiconductor smart factory.

“Youibot Robotics' independently developed Fusion SLAM algorithm enables AMRs to maintain stable movement with sub-millimeter precision across different or complex environments, bring a more flexible intra-facility logistics model. Youibot's full-stack software system integrates mobile robots with enterprise information systems, driving a paradigm shift towards data-driven production models and effectively achieving the entire field logistics automation”,Bian Xu said.

A Testament to Excellence from Youibot

As the largest mobile robot enterprise in the domestic semiconductor field with the largest shipment volume, Youibot has created AMR logistics automation solutions for semiconductor production covering the entire scenarios of warehouse to line cache, Inter Bay to Intra Bay, and automated loading and unloading between Intra Bays, and has served many world-renowned semiconductor manufacturers, such as TSMC, SMIC, and UNT.

This finalist for the IERA award is a high recognition of Youibot Robotic's ability to drive innovative technological advances and empower semiconductor smart manufacturing, highlighting its leadership in the field of mobile robotics and driving Youibot to continue to provide customers with quality services in the semiconductor field.




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