Youibot Robotics develops “Being Integrated” strategy for overseas markets

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With a plan to increase its proportion of overseas business to over 30% in the next 3 years

 -- Youibot Robotics, a leading provider of industrial mobile robots and solutions in China, has recently announced what the firm has released their “Being Integrated” strategy for overseas markets, as part of a mission to integrate into the foreign expansion plans its own in-country experience and best practices in terms of semiconductors, 3C, and lithium-batteries, alongside the efficient integration capabilities and long-term customer service experience of its local partners. Based on its 4 Options solution which is more accessible to overseas partners, Youibot Robotics is committed to providing comprehensive user-friendly services as a component of its customer-oriented overseas business expansion with the help of local partners.

Youibot Robotics' product matrix

This year, Youibot Robotics participated in four industrial exhibitions successively in the Asian Pacific region, showcasing a rich lineup of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) that have attracted much attention from professional customers in South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia and Japan. To date, the company has exported its products to over 30 countries worldwide and operates a global sales and service network in more than 60 countries and regions.

The company's continued expansion and strong leadership in overseas markets is the result of its robust technologies in combination with best practices that it developed in China in relation to precision electronics manufacturing with semiconductors as the core. Based on its extensive industry know-how, Youibot Robotics is dedicated to developing a full-process intelligent logistics solution from wafer production to packaging and testing, in combination with applying its experience in logistics transformation to 3C, PCBs and other precision electronics manufacturing sectors. A number of factory-wide upgrades and other transformative projects have served a wealth of well-renowned brand partners worldwide, among them, TSMC, SMIC, TCL CSOT and Luxshare Precision.

Youibot Robotics' AMR product family has drawn the interest of overseas customers and integrators as it was built based on market conditions in China, and tailored to meet the actual needs of different market niches.

The head of leading South Korea-based automation company S said, "We’ve seen leading AMR companies around the world developing their technologies continue to mature. When choosing an AMR product, the main concern is how to ensure the product has practical application at scale in the same scenario. What impressed me most is Youibot Robotics' excellent performance in cooperation with company F, rather than its product features."

Leveraging domestic strong R&D resources and strengths, alongside its practical experience in industrial applications, Youibot Robotics is taking the lead in industrial logistics intelligent upgrades in Japan, South Korea, Germany and several countries in Southeast Asia. The Chinese company is also reinforcing its market leadership in Malaysia's and Singapore's semiconductor and electronics manufacturing sectors. In Vietnam, Youibot Robotics has provided flexible and efficient logistics solutions to a world-leading Apple supply chain manufacturer, helping the plant become a demonstration production line for fully automated industrial interconnection across the country. In addition, with the help of existing domestic partners, the company has expanded its business footprint to PCBs, lithium batteries, electronics manufacturing and other sectors in Vietnam. Youibot Robotics has been well received by overseas customers for its superior products and technological prowess.

To better serve overseas customers, Youibot Robotics plans to provide 24×7 sales, technical support and after-sales service capabilities in Japan, Germany and across Southeast Asia. Looking ahead, the company is on track to increase the proportion of its overseas business to over 30% in the coming three years, while continuing to serve global partners with excellent products, and leading the development of mobile robots.


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