Youibot Stunning Appears at 2019SIA Smart Factory Exhibition

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The Shanghai SIA Smart Factory Exhibition 2019 came to a successful conclusion today. The exhibition gathered many advanced production and processing equipment and smart factory solutions, aiming to further promote the development and construction of smart factories. The exhibition attracted many professionals and exhibitors from the manufacturing field to participate. Youibotwith an intelligent factory and intelligent inspection robot program attended for the first time.




Youibot's booth is "Mobile Empowerment Scene Change". It stimulates the production vitality of the manufacturing industry through mobile robots and promotes the transformation of the traditional manufacturing industry. It has received the attention and support of the audience and customers.




Youibot demonstrated an intelligent factory solution based on the Trans series of mobile robots, which can be applied to cover the two major links of intelligent factory entry and exit, and production line docking, attracting many professional customers to stop and observe and come to consult.




At the same time, Youibot also brought a solution to build an intelligent inspection machine based on the Corgi mobile chassis, including intelligent inspection of computer rooms and warehouse inspection, which has been highly recognized by many professional customers.




Mobile robot solutions can effectively solve the intelligent demand of manufacturing electronic and 3C products. With the continuous optimization of robot intelligent factory solutions, it is bound to make the manufacturing industry look new.



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