Youibot's Intelligent Logistics Revolutionizes Lithium Battery Production

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From May 16th to 18th, the highly anticipated 15th China International Battery Fair (CIBF2023) was held grandly at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center, attracting global attention from the industry. As a leading supplier in lithium-ion intelligent logistics, Youibot made a significant appearance with its heavyweight lithium-ion intelligent logistics solutions.

End-to-End Integration

Lithium-ion Intelligent Logistics Solutions

In the process of lithium-ion production and manufacturing, Youibot's integrated solution combining "mobile robots + application software" not only achieves full automation in material logistics throughout the entire process but also establishes seamless data flow in the entire factory. This effectively addresses issues such as low stability and data opacity caused by manual handling in lithium-ion production, enabling stable, continuous, and efficient lithium-ion production.

-Full-process Logistics Automation Capability-

Youibot's intelligent logistics solution tailored for lithium-ion is capable of handling the complete factory transformation requirements, ranging from cell manufacturing to PACK assembly. By integrating various automated equipment and systems, such as AMR, OHT, and buffer racks, the solution ensures smooth integration with the production line, enabling full-cycle automation of lithium-ion production logistics. This greatly enhances the efficiency and benefits of lithium-ion production.

-Software and Hardware Integration for Closed-loop Data Flow-

From the individual robot system Youipilot to the multi-robot scheduling system YouiFleet, and the in-house logistics control system YOUI TMS, Youibot effectively collects, analyzes, and processes logistics data through its intelligent logistics control platform YOUI TMS. This platform achieves fine-grained closed-loop management of material logistics throughout the production process and has the capability to integrate with third-party systems such as ERP, MES, and WMS. By enabling collaborative operations, it provides comprehensive intelligent logistics services and operational control for lithium-ion production enterprises.

Professional and Reliable Intelligent Logistics Services

Empowering Lithium-ion Intelligent Manufacturing

-Team of Senior Experts in the Lithium-ion Industry-

Youibot has established a professional service system composed of experienced experts in the lithium-ion industry. They provide customers with professional consulting services for lithium-ion manufacturing logistics planning and automation logistics solutions for smart factory construction. This comprehensive service covers the entire cycle, from consulting on solutions to after-sales maintenance, providing continuous professional technical support.

The Youibot team possesses in-depth knowledge of material processes, production equipment, and market dynamics in the lithium-ion industry. They have accumulated a wealth of know-how, allowing them to delve into lithium-ion manufacturing sites, accurately identify pain points in various scenarios, and provide comprehensive logistics planning for all scenarios.

-Customization Capability for Professional Services-

Based on strong R&D capabilities and abundant experience in logistics automation cases, Youibot has the complete technical ability from overall logistics planning to solution implementation. They can provide customized services tailored to different lithium-ion production scenarios, including fusion inspection, high-altitude obstacle monitoring, 5G network support, and more.

To date, Youibot has served numerous leading domestic and international enterprises, gaining recognition and trust from customers through its profound understanding of different scenarios.

-Strong R&D Strength and Abundant Experience in Intelligent Logistics-

As a representative of leading domestic mobile robot companies, Youibot has accumulated extensive implementation projects and cases in precision manufacturing and fully automated production scenarios. They deeply integrate with customer production and operation processes, enabling seamless flow of materials and data through robot technology in factory settings.

Currently, Youibot holds more than 300 core intellectual property rights and is the participant in 11 national key research and development projects, leading the development of industry technology and standards.

Rooted in its profound experience in semiconductor logistics automation, Youibot has a solid foundation built on robust robot products. The company has achieved leading positions in aspects such as docking accuracy and stability within the robotics industry. By leveraging its relevant technologies and industry experience, Youibot seamlessly applies them to lithium-ion production scenarios, continuously empowering the intelligent upgrading of factories.


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