Youibot's Leading Semiconductor Smart Logistics Solutions at SEMICON CHINA

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On June 29th, SEMICON CHINA 2023, the largest semiconductor event, grandly opened in Shanghai. Youibot, a leader in semiconductor smart logistics, made a heavyweight appearance, showcasing its leading mobile robot solutions!


As the top provider of logistics automation for semiconductor manufacturing, Youibot's industrial logistics solutions for semiconductor production are applied to wafer fabrication, chip packaging and testing, and other segments of the supply chain, helping numerous domestic and international semiconductor manufacturers achieve increased efficiency and benefits.


Youibot's semiconductor smart logistics solution is based on the OW series of wafer box handling robots. Combined with the YOUI Pilot navigation system, YOUI Fleet robot dispatch system, and YOUI TMS yard logistics management system, it enables automatic transport of wafer boxes between machines, electronic racks, and storage warehouses, as well as seamless integration of material and information flows throughout the production cycle, ensuring full traceability of material data.


I Professional Solutions

Precision: Accurate transfer with millimeter-level precision and worry-free mobile operations, multiple sensors for more precise material handling.

Stability: Safe transport with omnidirectional obstacle avoidance, vibration values less than 0.2G to prevent vibration-induced wafer cracking.

Cleanliness: Compliant with Class 1 cleanroom requirements, avoiding material contamination.


I Reliable Service

Expert Team: National semiconductor key R&D project leader, professional intelligent logistics consulting and planning.

Agile Support: Independent mobile robot research and development, responsive to customized customer needs.

Market Leadership: Long-term repeat purchases by international top-tier companies, market share in sub-segments ranked TOP1.


Since its inception, Youibot has focused on customer scenario implementation and service, continuously deepening its presence in the semiconductor field and creating comprehensive, end-to-end smart logistics solutions. Youibot has won the trust of global semiconductor leaders, with continuous repurchases demonstrating their recognition of Youibot's professionalism. Amid the golden explosion of domestic chip production, Youibot will continue to serve the semiconductor industry with professional and reliable solutions, empowering China's smart chip manufacturing.


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