Company Dynamics

Company Dynamics


Youibot Robot Aris-8848 Helps Mount Everest Scientific Expedition Reach The Top!

Trough a year of product designing and polishing, Youibot plateau scientific research robot ARIS-8848 officially joined the scientific research team and became the only robot member in the scientific research team.

Youibot Made A Grand Appearance At SFAW2022 Exhibition In South Korea

It is specially designed for flexible mobile handling in industrial scenarios, which supports up to 1000 loads, and can be expanded to more than ten different operation modules, and which can easily cope with large-scale material backpack mobile operation tasks in factory manufacturing, warehousing logistics, and security inspections.

Youibot Was Selected as One of the Top 10 Outstanding Solutions for Intel's Intelligent Robot Innovation Application in 2021

YOUI TMS Intelligent Logistics Management and Control Platform Solution

Youibot Was Selected as the Case of Tencent's 5G Ecological Plan 5G Little Blue Book

Youibot 5G Data Room Inspection Robot was Selected Into "Light Chaser 5G Strategic Observation" (5G Little Blue Book) !

Accelerate Large-scale Development of Mobile Robot, YouiBot Has Completed B Series Round of Financing, Exceeding RMB 300 Million e-Robots

Youibot announced that it has recently completed Series B financing, with an accumulated amount exceeding RMB 300 million.

Full Analysis of YOUI TMS Intelligent logistics Management and Control Platform Solutions

Flexible, intelligent and high-efficiency scenarios

Youibot and VisionNav Robot Reached Strategic Cooperation

Create an ecological link for the future.

Youibot Has Won 2 Golden Globe Awards for 2021 High-tech Mobile Robots!

As the leader of mobile robots in China, Youibot has won two 2021 Golden Globe Awards for High-tech Mobile Robots - Annual Innovative Technology and Investment Value Enterprise by virtue of its profound strength in technology research and development and service scenarios.

At the Yunqi Conference, a mysterious guest from Youibot appeared...

Data intelligence operation and maintenance shines in Yunqi


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